The Arma 3 hype thread

Dude. How could you doubt.

And in the game, too!

Were the animations that clunky in the base game? That video did nothing for me and didn’t look that good.

Ouch those Steam reviews. Might pass on this DLC.

Several reviews hit on what I saw in the preview video. Animations are terrible.

If you’re going to have near-future arms and vehicles, might as well go nuts.

$28, includes a new campaign, Russian Spetsnatz, something called The Livonian Defense Force, a couple of new vehicles and guns, and a new terrain.

Also, a free update for all Arma 3 owners will add NATO woodland camo for existing soldiers, more scenery items, and new music tracks.

Well that’s more like it :)

Just take it into fucking space already you bastards.

You were one of ones thinking that from the reveal trailer, weren’t you ;)

Arma 3 + Pew Pew = The XCOM shooter we all deserve

Next should be an Arma Stalker style expansion.

Hells yeah I was. From jump.


So now my dream of roleplaying as E.T. in Arma Life is realized.

If it has Martian tripods I’m sold. My concern is the anal probing will be janky.

God, I wished this would run better. I have a GTX 1080 Ti, but I still get less than 60 fps in this game, with regular stuttering, and where both the CPU and GPU are running at only 30-40% utilization.

I’ve tried changing all kinds of settings, but nothing works.

Single core optimized engine. Throw as many cores at it as you want to, does no good.

So what’s new with the greatest Arma3 mission of all time, Antistasi?

Well, there’s actually two versions of it now. The first is the classic version, which really hasn’t been in development for a while. Boo. However, the “community” has picked it up and fixed a lot of stuff in the original.

The best place to grab it is off the github page, not Steam workshop.

There’s also a new single-player reworking of the mission. It tweaks many variables to make the mission less daunting for SP. Unfortunately, the creator mysteriously based his mod on the old version of Antistasi, not the community version, so it’s really not worth playing. Stick with the Community version, even for SP.

Was looking into getting that yesterday but saw there were so many versions available, i’ll grab the one you linked to and see if that gets me back into ARMA.

6th anniversary coming on Sept 12th.

Dang, can’t believe it’s been that long. Does it seem to you like ArmA 3 didn’t get as much traction as ArmA 2?

I would say Arma 2 had a bit more because the DayZ craze, but otherwise the same?