The Banshees of Inisherin. Where's that? In Bruges. Where's that? In Belgium.

The boys are back together


I liked the original thread title better. It might have been less technically accurate, but it told me (without watching the preview) that this was a sequel to “In Bruges”. I just loved that movie, so this is very exciting.

It’s not a sequel or prequel to In Bruges, but it is the first reteaming of Martin McDonagh, Colin Ferrell, and Brendon Gleeson since In Bruges.

It is, as McDonagh puts it, about the end of a lifelong friendship.

First reaction: Wait, what?! I don’t even care that Martin McDonagh, when asked about a sequel, said “No, never.”

Second reaction: Ah, that makes way more sense, especially given that bell tower. They’re getting the band back together!