The best actor for the character (that is interesting)


Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone (old)
Robert De Niro as Vito Corleone (young)

Robert Redford as Jeremiah Johnson
Alex Guinness as George Smiley


Cary Grant as Roger Thornhill (but really Cary Grant) in North by Northwest.


Snoopy as the WW1 Flying Ace

(sorry couldn’t help myself) : )



Snoopy fought the Red Baron!


Ah - I am so old lol!


I can’t really invest myself in this exercise because it depends on context. While Ledger’s Joker was great, I would not have wanted him in the ’ 60s Batman series; Romero was perfect for the role in that show.


Danny Kaye as Walter Mitty


I believe for that particular fantasy Snoopy identified himself as simply “The World War I Flying Ace,” and in that role he was certainly irreplaceable.


I think it also depends what age you watched a character.

I am fond of Adam West as Batman since that was the only super hero show we had that I can recall (until the Green Hornet).


Don Adams as as Maxwell Smart & Tennessee Tuxedo

(Can you tell I am on vacation this week?)


Patrick Macnee as John Steed
Diana Rigg as Emma Peel

Carolyn Jones as Morticia
Ted Cassidy as Lurch

Ed Asner as Lou Grant


I have a perpetual crush on 1960s Diana Rigg.


I corrected it again! : )


James Garner as Jim Rockford

Maury Chaykin as Nero Wolf (he was awesome in this role)
Timothy Hutton as Archie Goodwin

Peter Falk as Lt. Columbo

(it seems they never revealed his first name in the series except for once when he flashed his badge in Season 1 Episode 3)


Best Catwoman?


And I have to go with John Astin as Gomez over Raul Julia. But again, that may be age talking. I grew up with Astin’s Gomez.


Mandy Patinkin as Inigo Montoya


Not to mention Lee Meriwether’s Catwoman. rowr


This was my first thought.

This was my second thought.

My third thought was: Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter.

I guess all three on my top list are actors that have shaped the character, more than just PLAY the character.

Hard to imagine anyone else taking a go at these three characters.


I don’t know. I liked Dick Powell’s performance as him a lot too.