The Best Fast Food

Dinner tonight was KFC extra crispy, with mashed potatoes and macaroni - Mmmm - extra cholesterol goodness [/Homer Mode]

As I wait for my arteries to loosen up a bit, and to combat all that vicious talk in the Super Size Me thread about how fast food is bad for you, I thought I’d start a thread on the best fast food meals (not restaurants - just specific foods/combos). Calories and such are most definitely ignored in this tally - you’ll find no McDonalds salads here mateys…

To avoid ranking meme drift - the following are in no particular rank/order:

  • KFC extra crispy - any piece except the thighs (who likes thighs anyways?)

  • McD quarter pounder with cheese.

  • Lion’s Choice roast beef sandwich (actually healthy too, but who’s counting)

  • Taco Bell burrito of the month - whatever is new and loaded with lots of gooey sauce.

  • Burger King W… - sorry, move along folks - nothing to eat here


I liked Chipotle burritos when i lived where i could still get them. They’re owned by McDonalds btw.

I’m occasionally fond of Double Meat Whataburgers. I even like the fries, though i never get them anymore. Sometimes i’ll pick up a chocolate chip cookie.

I really like Schlotzsky’s sandwitches. Although i think, like most of my choices, they live only in the South or even more regionally. They have a Rueben that’s pretty good, although it depends on the store.

Most of my fast food, however is Tex-Mex. Rosa’s is the de facto fast food restaurant of the Texas Southwest (or Permian Basin, it doesn’t go any further east than San Angelo), and the only fast food i eat regularly. Great fajitas and palatable salsa, and several tasty plates to order at dinner.

I hate McDonalds. I hate Burger King. I hate Taco Bell. I haven’t eaten at a BK in probably 15 years - a McDs in maybe only a couple times in 10. Taco Bell i had numbed my taste buds to enough that i ate there with occassional frequency like three years ago, but the food really is crap. OTOH, i can stomach Wendy’s, though only their grilled stuff. I like the chocolate smoothy though god knows what it’s made of.

Oh, man. Chipotle is my greatest weakness. I can eat one of those burritos and be so full I think I’m going to BURST, yet want another one. They’re awesome. I’ve turned several of my co-workers on to them, despite the fact that the nearest one is a good 15 minute drive away from our offices.

Honestly KFC Extra Crispy is really good. Some people recommend Church’s, but man - when it’s fresh and still hot, KFC can be excellent.

Never liked Chipolte.

Red Robbins - decent burgers, milkshakes, and sea food. Their clam chowder is excellent. Is not everywhere though… not sure if it’s exactly fast food either… but close.

— Alan

Popeye’s > KFC
Wendy’s > McDonalds or BK (mmm… big bacon classic!)


'Nuff said.


Nuff said x 2

God, I tried eating a quarter pounder a couple years back. Three hours after eating the thing, it was still sitting in my gut, feeling like a pound of lead shot instead of a quarter pound of preservative-soaked meat. I literally had to induce vomiting in order to stop feeling like I’d swallowed a bowling ball. Awful. I don’t think there’s a price you could pay me to get me to eat a quarter pounder again, ever.

Now, Chik-fil-a, yum, that’s some tasty stuff.

Nah, In N’ Out kicks Fatburger in the nads and then shoves a nail in its temple…it’s that much better…

Popeye’s is excellent, but sadly, the closest one is ~20 miles from my house. It joins Bojangles on my list of chicken that’s fondly remembered but seldom eaten.

Dunkin’ Donuts (though not strictly fast food, I guess), is another great place that’s no longer within driving range.

I forgot to mention Subway, which gets little respect but is awfully good. Roast Beef, on italian, with cheese, green peppers, lettuce, onions, black olives, and hot peppers - mmm…

In N Out is probably my favorite fast food. Chik-Fil-A is a close second. Fuddruckers has decent burgers, but I don’t know if that counts as fast food.

Really good chicken sandwiches (chicken-bacon-swiss as well) at Fuddruckers. Also good shakes.

I don’t like Chik-fil-A that much anymore, not sure why. Still good waffle fries though…

— Alan

All of my fast food weaknesses are local chains, with the exception of Chipolte’s.

If anyone is ever passing through Nebraska, I strongly recommend trying a King Kong burger. Hint, the chain is named because their burgers are suitable for giant apes. Do not get the double unless extremely hungry.

Krystal cheeseburger, no mustard (quantity 4)
Chik-fil-A sandwich, no pickles
Popeye’s spicy chicken

[size=2]Of course, the closest I’ve come to fast food in the past three months is a grilled chicken breast on whole wheat from Ruby’s…[/size]

I don’t think you can compare In-n-out and Fatburger. THey’re two different things and they both have their place.

I was in Vegas, staying at the Excalibur a few weeks ago. There was an In-n-Out burger nearby, had it for the first time - excellent. There was also a Fatburger nearby.

The only thing it lacked was a White Castle. If you’ve never had White Castle, you don’t know what you’re missing. I’m pretty sure that if you added a White Castle to the mix of the two above you’d have some kind of fast food burger nirvana.

Yeah, White Castle has never found a footing out here. Vegas didn’t get an In-N-Out until around 1990 (now we’ve got 15 or so). It sued to be a “thing” to drive out to the Outlet Mall in Barstow, buy (deceptively) cheap name brand clothes and eat at the In-N-Out there, the closest one to Vegas. Oh, and buy a T-Shirt and an old bumper sticker, the ones you can cut the B and R off, and put it on your Pee-Chee folder. Good times…

I like their burgers. I haven’t asked for fries well done yet as someone suggested, to make them less starchy.

I’d like to throw in my hat for Chipotle’s burritos as well. Can’t…stop…eating… I can whack down a Baja Fresh bean and cheese burrito with chicken with ease as well. Schlotzky’s smoked turkey breast is good, I wish they had a size just a bit bigger than the regular.

But when I want to be bad, really bad, it’s Carl’s Jr.'s double Western cheeseburger, crisscut fries, and a chocolate chip cookie. Oh God, my stomach weeps when I punish it like that, but sometimes you just gotta take a hot salty dump into your own mouth.

Actually the Subway secret is the Grilled Chicken Breast instead of the sliced meats. Its the same price, tastes good when heated, and was actually 100% meat at some point in its life. You also get more meat per sub i think than the sliced. I like, oddly, garlic bread + chick breast + spinach + sweet onion sauce, w/ some salt and pepper. Tasty and it won’t kill you either.

White Castle is a bland Krystal wannabe.

They look the same, but White Castle lacks the proper aftertaste. You can enjoy the taste of a bag of Krystals for a good three or four hours.

But all the guys in a 3 cube radius will enjoy the aroma of your whities all afternoon.

Dicks. If you eat at Dicks, you get to say, Honey, let’s go get some Dicks tonight.