The best local co-op...PC games.

Yes, the requirement and/or challenge is it must be on PC. All my consoles are on a different continent.

I am mostly drawing a blank, with the only thing I can think of clearly is the Team 17 Worms games with its turn-based hotseat…or maybe something like Lovers in Dangerous Space-Time which is concurrent.

Monaco is the best local multiplayer game ever made in my opinion… Apart from M.U.L.E, which is quite easy to get running with an Atari 800 emulator.

Whoa, I didn’t know Monaco was local!

It’s a coop single screen game with no hidden info, it better be!

There’s a PC version of Overcooked isn’t there?

The correct answer, though, is Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes.

What age range? The Lego games are all pretty enjoyable when playing with kids.

Outward is apparently quite good local split screen co-op as well for the more mature RPG afficiando audience.

Which reminds me that the Divinity Original Sin games fit that bill as well.

Helldivers for top down twin stick shooter - split screen co-op.

Check out the Steam list tagged shared/split screen co-op:

Almost all the Lego game are co Op

The first worms is amazing.

Broforce is amazing, as is Door Kickers Action Squad.

Did anyone mention Cyberdogs yet?

Streets of Rogue, which replaced Monaco for me.

Nope. The filter is off. I want all results possible.

Need to elaborate. I think I have Lord of the Rings and Batman. Also the nature of the co-op? I’ve never played a Lego game.

It’s split screen. At least that’s how the Police Game works. Everyone is free to explore the game, but only play one seems to push it forward. Plus, it works with both controller and keyboard, or everyone on a different part of the keyboard.

Cat Quest 2 is pretty fun in co-op. So can be Human Fall Flat.

I had a great time with Rayman Legends in co-op on the Wii U. I assume that’s still the case in the PC version.

Another good one is Guacamelee.

All of those I played with my son, in case you’re wondering. I’m always trying to find some other cool game for us to play in local co-op, so if I find something else I’ll post here.

Renegade Ops is pretty fun. Currently 85% off…

BTW if you launch Steam Big Picture, you get a built-in category specifying local coop. Really nice to finally have that.

As for extra recommendations that haven’t been mentioned yet:

  • Adios Amigos is a fun physics-based space exploration game
  • Assault Android Cactus is an intense 3d twin-stick shooter
  • Castle Crashers is a great co-op brawler
  • The Cave is a co-op puzzle-adventure game.
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer is an amazing rhythm game with co-op
  • Cuphead supports co-op but it may make the game harder
  • Deadly Tower of Monsters is a really fun B-movie spoof that has co-op
  • DeathSpank is a funny ARPG with co-op
  • Dungeon Defenders is first-person tower defense with split screen co-op
  • Enter the Gungeon is a brutal rogue-lite with co-op
  • Gauntlet is a pretty fun reimagining of the original (obviously with co-op)
  • It’s been mentioned already but I just played Guacamelee with my brother and it excels as a co-op metroidvania. Also good for playing with someone who’s not amazing at games because one player can slack off and the other player can handle the tough stuff.
  • Ibb & obb is a fun co-op puzzle-platformer.
  • Jamestown is an awesome top-down SHMUP with co-op support.
  • Legend of Dungeon is a rogue-lite that’s fairly chill and has a really cool art style. Co-op greatly contributes to the experience.
  • Portal 2 has a split-screen co-op mode that’s specially designed with unique puzzles.
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime requires heavy cooperation (like Overcooked but lighter) to manage a spaceship. Fun.
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 are awesome ARPGs where you can choose to play your favorite Marvel hero in co-op. Beware that they aren’t programmed that well and getting controllers to work could take a while, but it’s worth it.
  • The Metal Slug games are arcade co-op masterpieces.
  • Neon Chrome is a rogue-lite twin stick shooter that’s super fun and chaotic in co-op.
  • Pixeljunk Shooter has you piloting ships with deformable 2d landscapes and water physics. Works great in co-op.
  • Rampage Knights is a rogue-lite/brawler that’s really fun in co-op.
  • Rocket League has split screen and you can play on the same team.
  • Spelunky is a tough-as-nails rogue-lite that gets easier with co-op, since you can resurrect and help the other player.
  • Towerfall Ascension is mostly an awesome archery competitive game, but also has a co-op mode that’s expanded upon in the DLC.
  • Trine 1/2/3 are gorgeous 2d puzzle-platformers that work best in co-op mode.
  • Vertical Drop Heroes is a stylish rogue-lite where you go downwards. Split-screen co-op is the way to play.

Additionally, with Nucleus Coop, you can turn many non-local-coop games into split-screen games, but it takes a little bit of work.

This is the best game ever made. Polygon sort of agrees.