The Best of 2020 List of Lists Thread

You could if it ever shows up there. No guarantees of that ever happening. It’s mostly been PS3 games so far, with a sprinkling of PS4 titles. I do expect that distribution to change over time.

Ohhhh, for some reason I had it in my head that basically their whole digital catalogue was on there. But now I see it’s more like GamePass and very curated. Oops!

Yes, I finally found the thread. Here it is. :P

Oops, posted in the wrong place at first.

That’s not really accurate. They are like 350 PS4 games in the PS Now library. It’s about half and half.

Wow. Yeah. I just checked and it has shifted since the last time I poked around. That’s a big improvement.

The Aussie indie aficionados at All the Small Games did their top 10s on their podcast and posted them on Twitter too. They have some more obscure picks.


  • Start-up parodying roguelite GOING UNDER
  • Hectic cooking simulator COOK, SERVE, DELICIOUS! 3?!


  • Neo-retro action adventure platformer THE ETERNAL CASTLE [REMASTERED)
  • Hilarious point ‘n’ click meta-adventure THERE IS NO GAME: WRONG DIMENSION


  • Action RPG platformer inspired by the classics PHOENOTOPIA AWAKENING
  • Grimy, goofy graffiti simulator SLUDGE LIFE


  • Ultra cute adventure puzzler CARTO
  • Monstrous metroidvania CARRION


  • Making its second appearance, it’s CARRION
  • Time-warping shooter SUPER HOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE


  • Brawler combo’d with a farming sim SAKUNA: OF RICE AND RUIN
  • Trippy vaporwave detective sim PARADISE KILLER


  • Twitchy bullet hell (disc hell?) DISC ROOM
  • Haunting and beautiful adventure KENTUCKY ROUTE ZERO: TV EDITION


  • Wholesome afterlife management platformer SPIRITFARER
  • Gritty post-apocalyptic RPG WASTELAND 3

#2 and #1
(Once again we had the same top 2 games, just in different spots (shoutout to 2018))

  • Sumptuously beautiful metroidvania ORI AND THE WILL OF THE WISPS
  • Mythical Grecian afterlife roguelike HADES

D.I.C.E. nominees out

I think the merging of sim/strategy continues to be a bad idea, look how different those games are in genre.

To me, Flight Simulator is the only huge outlier, but you’re right. It would honestly fit better with the racing games: Call it Vehicle Sims or something?

Otherwise, I think strategy is as broad a genre as action, and that’s mostly okay. Although just given post-Minecraft/Dwarf Fortress boom in building games of all kinds, that subgenre could totally sustain a category all its own, I would think.

Happy to see Song of Bloom and South of the Circle in the mobile game categories. Both amazing, in totally different ways. Spiritfarer deserved Art Direction and Music. Otherwise, the noms are mostly the juggernaut games you’d expect (including Hades).

Generally you need a console to play these too. And there’s only so much time you can spend gaming.

I started playing this today. You know that feeling when you absolutely love a concept and art style and game actions right away even though you’ve never seen anything like it before? Man, I don’t get that feeling often, so it’s pretty awesome when it hits.

Tell me if you figure out how to get through the forest area. I eventually got stuck and gave up.

Chapter 1’s forest?

It’s later in the game, I don’t remember what chapter. There’s a campfire with a few people who have animal companions, from what I recall.