The Best of Movie Club - 2011

So it’s been almost exactly a year since we rebooted Movie Club and since then we’ve watched 14 movies. I figured I’d throw open a poll to see what people’s favourite picks were from 2011! Kind of like QT3’s top 10 list for Movie Club movies.

You don’t have to have actually participated in the club to vote on these, you just have to have seen them.

And I’m sure we’ll start posting our top 10 2011 movies in a few days anyway – I know I’ve got some stuff I want to see before I do mine!

I voted within a Movie Club context. Were it not for the club, I would probably never have seen Rififi or The Trial, and they were both fantastic surprises for me. So they get my votes, even though there were others on the list that I enjoy more overall.

Black Dynamite and Groundhog Day I’d already seen and fallen in love with (Groundhog Day especially), but are still great. Rififi was really impressive and I’d never previously heard of it. A Tale of Two Sisters…well, I loved it enough to pick it for the club, right?

Picnic at Hanging Rock was seriously not my thing. Hard Eight had its moments but didn’t click for me. Same with El Rey de la Montana. Dead Again was fun but didn’t compare to the above movies. I’ve yet to see the others, to my shame. (Well, okay, I saw La Femme Nikita, but it’s been a long time.)

Same. I voted Nikita, The Trial, and Two Sisters, because I never knew they existed until the club. Being a fan of the Nikita TV series currently airing, it was great to see its roots, and the other two movies were just fantastic.

I owe a lot to QT3 for watching movies I never would have otherwise known about, especially Asian horror, like Shutter, The Eye, aforementioned Two Sisters, Dark Water, Kairo, the list goes on. That said, this poll just reminded me I need to watch Rififi, even if I partially spoiled it for myself by reading the thread.

Can we please reboot the Movie Club? Please? I loved it.

Oh, man, how did that even work? It’s been so long. Someone picks a movie, we talk about it, and then, uh, someone else picks a movie? Those were great, weren’t they? Even when people picked grampa movies.


Someone had a script for randomizing who picked, as I recall.

The club kind of dropped off after the big blowout at the start of 2012 and never really recovered - mostly my fault, but participation was dropping off too.

I’ve got the script to do the random picking, but the forum software has been upgraded since I ran it last and I fear it won’t work anymore. It was getting pretty long in the tooth anyway.

Sadly, I have far less time these days to even participate in 3x3’s, let alone actually watch movies myself :(. So it might be better for someone to take over as runner. Anyone interested? The script isn’t really necessary anyway, it’s really more for fun.