The Best Offer/Deception (euro/uk title)

I did search if we had this mentioned and did not find it, ymmv!

Rotten tomatoes was luke warm on it (Reviews= 56% and Audiences= 76%) and i won’t link the wiki about it as i think it is one you need to see completely fresh without spoilers, so i won’t even say much except it might be the one of the best films i’ve seen over recent years (it came out in 2013, so a modern film in my movie watching pattern), up there with Walter Mitty (they are not even related in anything, just a measure of ‘goodness’).

Great acting, great story, and one of those rare films that makes you (thankfully) feel smart watching it. Not a typical brain dead time waster (with big explosions etc). Not for young kids (there are some small sex scenes), but for adults that like clever stuff, and fine art, and some weirdness.

just a quick clarification, this is not the 2008 film ‘Deception’. It has Geoffrey Rush in it (with an incredible performance) and is an Italian film.

I saw this around a year ago(as “the best offer”) I remember it as a highly enjoyable movie with Rush giving a stellar performance indeed. The female supporting character is very interesting but I was equally impressed by Jim Sturgess. Gotta like that guy. The story is what I would call fantastical but the ride is fun. (really enjoyed the ending scene)

whoops, deleted imdb link

Not a fan of Walter Mitty though it had its moments.