The Big Sick (2017)


Thought we had a thread about this, but I guess I was thinking about the brief discussion in the “Thread of Liberal Stupidity” over in the P&R section.

I’m sure plenty of people will like this, it’s a sweet story that’s based on real life (no idea exactly what details are authentic and what’s changed for the film), and most people don’t want to hear film criticism for a feel-good movie like that. Plus, it’s getting recognition since Kumail Nanjiani is a minority, and it is great to see him staring in a movie earning mainstream traction that very much involves specifics of his family and cultural heritage, but again, it makes it even more of a buzzkill when you don’t actually like the film.

But here we are. It’s just a bland, safe, rom-com, with a lot going for it in the cast, but nothing to elevate it above predictable rom-com territory.

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I am interested in seeing this, but it’s probably going to end up being a Netflix watch for me. I don’t know too much about it other than it’s a slightly fictional used account of Kumail and Emily’s early relationship? I liked the podcast those guys did about video games, they seem like a fun couple.

It’s distributed by Amazon, so you may not see it on Netflix specifically.

I thought it was a made up story, but hearing that it is highly biographical made it more … plausible, for me. Overall I liked it and I recommend it, but it is a romantic comedy so my enthusiasm for the entire genre isn’t great.

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Predictably (for me, not for anyone’s perception of me) I really enjoyed this.

The relationship between Kumail and Emily is on fast-forward a little bit to get to the actual drama of the title and his relationship with her parents but I didn’t mind that too much.

I’d agree that it’s relatively safe but knowing that it’s true in essence is what elevates it above predictable rom-com territory. Not too far above it but I’d happily add this into my rom-com rotation.

I saw this and I’m not a huge fan of the genre but it was really hot and the theater so cool and inviting. I agree that the memoir-ness of the thing made it more plausible and more enjoyable.

@ChristienMurawski and Kelly Wand talk a bit about The Big Sick at the start of the QT3 3x3 podcast about favorite ‘no’.

I finished watching this last night. Nice little movie. I had heard of Anupum Kher being in the movie as Kumail’s dad but it was disappointing that he had such a small role in the movie. What was a pleasant surprise is that Ray Romano is also in the movie, which I’d never heard about, and he had a nice big role in the movie, and he filled that role really well.

I’d go so far is to say that Ray Romano and Holly Hunter are the heart of the movie, not Emily and Kumail. And they’re the reason I really liked this movie.