The Black Lives Matter movement


Yes you do. There area always options. If everyone leaves, that’s the end of it. It’s called taking a stand, and every adult in that place had a chance to do it; they failed.


You must see a lot of failures in life then.

People are there to see there kids, and that’s it. No one pays attention to the other stuff.

And that’s assuming that any knew what rules were.


Yeah. Shocking right? We’re talking about Black Lives Matter in 2018, how many decades after Civil Rights? I promise you I am not the only one who sees a fair amount of failure.

And don’t tell me no one pays attention in sports. We have a pro-athlete who took a stand, and it cost him everything.


It’s high school wrestling, not Texas Football. People aren’t.


Some, maybe even most people aren’t, but some are paying attention. And you know how I know that. We’re talking about this due to footage taken by a person who gave a shit.


I’m not sure if it’s better to sit in the back of the bus or to refuse to do that.

No, I guess I am sure after all. If the game is rigged, don’t play the game. Protest the game until the rigging is fixed.


Neither of you have been high school althletes of any skill, I take it?

Racism in sports is no new phenomenon, and yet we still have black althetes that participate because people in the US only care about winning. Winning gets you a platform. If the kid had refused to participate, I doubt it would make waves as much as it did.


I think the kid’s coaches screwed up. Reading the Philly Inquirer article on this, it seems they knew the week before that the head cover was not per code (needed to connect to the head gear). However, the ref in that match let it go, while this week the ref didn’t, but really the coaches should have gotten the gear fixed prior to next the match.


So, the ref might have been right?

Oh, that won’t go down well in this forum.


Yes, that’s the bit Gandhi was missing. He should have gone out for the high school cricket side, it would so have informed his views on protest.


Incorrect. I was in varsiety as a freshman. Did that give me special powers or something?

Yeah, I’m sure that will erase him saying nigger.


That doesn’t mean the ruling might not be technically right. And then what do you do?

The kid and the coach decided that in this case the game was important than the cause. That was the decision made on the field. And it sucks that the kid would have to lose his identity to wrestle but I am not going to force a kid to throw a match, no matter how good the cause. This is something that should be resolved by parents and adults without involving the kid.


I want you to tell me what being the runnr up for state the first year I was in my sport and skipping over junior varsity entirely has to do with understanding that sometimes winning isn’t everything.

Yeah which is why people said before you tried to school us that the adults involved should have done adulting. What happened shouldn’t have happened.


But you answer doesn’t work, especially if the ruling is the correct one.


You don’t need a ref with a history of racism to tell a kid to cut his hair like that. There are coaches involved and kids don’t magically just show up it of nowhere. He could’ve been corrected before.

So what magical powers do I have now that you know I actually played sports? We don’t stop being not white, by the way, simply because we participate within the confines of institutions notorious for racism. It’s not something you’re not aware of even as a kid.


The people decided that getting to their destination was more important than equality before the law, so they sat in the back of the bus. That was the decision made on the field.

I mean, why do you keep saying this? What do you think it means? If you set up a power imbalance and use it to persecute people based on race, when they surrender to your authority do you really think it’s because they wanted to?


I am saying that making this kid the center point of this particular crusade is selfish. Let the kid be a kid.
And that we may not have all the facts, and that the kid may have been in the wrong, on a technicality.


I have this idealized fantasy that if I were in the shoes of the coach, I would say to the ref: “Shave my head first.” And then dramatic music would play, all the others wrestlers would demand to be shaved in solidarity, and a shaving montage would ensue while Freddie sings “we are the champions”.

OK that’s hokey but I feel the coach did in fact have options.


I’m a coach. You call the parents if something like this happens. Certainly before you take steps like cutting a child’s hair in the gym. I’d like to think that if I believed the ref was acting out his racist fantasies, I’d walk. I’ve never been in that situation and I hope I never am.


“Keep Portland Weird White”