The Boss Baby - Alec Baldwin is a big baby

The Boss Baby was number one at the box office over the weekend. $50 million US with another $60 million for the rest of the globe. Was it the current popularity of Alec Baldwin who supplies the main voice of the Boss Baby? Was it the highbrow concept of a baby secretly being a business executive in a cutthroat competition against a puppy company? Whatever it was, people took their kids to this in droves.

I think if somebody invent a way to make pigs stay in the piglet state, they can make some money.

Looking at my local theater, this looks like the only kids movie out there for young kids right now,. it has no competition.

Holy crap this was a weird freaking movie. It’s amazing this got made. My kids begged me to go and they chuckled once or twice.

Just in case anyone is in the same boat as me, their kids really wanted to see this but you may not have been confident it would actually be, you know, any good, looks like this is on Netflix this week.

This is, surprisingly, not a bad movie at all. I’d almost recommend it, in fact.

How close are you to recommending it?

If you have kids up to say age 12, I’d solidly recommend it.

My kids, 4 and 5, love this movie.

I don’t have kids.


Wait so no Alex Baldwin in the sequel? Oh this is a TV series