The Boy And The Heron (Miyazaki Won't Fly Away)

Hayao Miyazaki continues to kick retirement in the cloaca. Here’s the trailer for his latest Studio Ghibli movie, The Boy and the Heron:

Maybe it’s just the way the teaser is cut, but this looks to be creepy and scary, and maybe some more World War II trauma is seeping in than The Wind Rises explored.

Yeah, this looks pretty wild. How can you not be excited for another Miyazaki movie?

I took my kids to see Princess Mononoke in the theater this summer. It is my favorite Miyazaki, maybe because I saw it in the theater when it first came to the states. It was incredible to experience it again on the big screen. Can’t wait for another experience like that.

That looks freaking awesome.

I am looking forward to this, but I hate the English title. The Japanese title, How Do You Live?, is so much more enigmatic and evocative.

I hate that they are releasing images for this. I’m going to see it anyways and I loved the approach to the released they had in Japan (and I know it’s not practical for the international release, but I still really don’t like they’ve changed it).

What did they do in Japan, not give anything away?

There was just a poster.