The Bucket List

I was surprised I didn’t see a thread on this. I saw it last night and enjoyed it quite a bit. Did someone already make a thread discussing this and I just can’t find it via search?

Good performances by both Nicholson and Freeman, not Oscar good, but well done. Sean Hayes (Will and Grace) had a nice part as well though it was pretty brief.

I enjoyed the story though. As cliche as it was in parts it was still touching and reflective. It tiptoed around some of the harder themes associated with death though and it played off more as a movie about friendship and the value of life choices. Not to say this was a bad thing, it’s what made the movie quite enjoyable, but I had expected something a bit more morbid. Instead I had quite a few more laughs than I expected.

Has anyone else gotten a chance to see this yet?

So did they get busy livin’, or get busy dying?

Kidding. In actuality, the trailer seemed so cookie-cutter cliche to go along with the huge dropping of “From Director Rob Reiner” that it immediately fell of of any must see list. It’s good to hear that the film is solid.

Freeman did actually open up with a monologue that had me rolling my eyes remembering Shawshank, but they “got busy livin’” pretty quickly.