The Compleat Retro Shooter thread

Very pretty screens.

I’ve got Amid Evil on GOG already. Do you happen to know if/when a GOG version of this expansion might be coming?

EDIT: Nevermind. I guess they are working on it. No worries.

I’m playing through the Quake 2 remaster now. It has some mid-level autosaves. Not many in the OG levels or the old expansion campaigns but actually quite a few in the newest Machine pack.

I only played the new expansion in Q2 so that explains it!

In Q2, you can tap F5 at any time to quick save.

I’m really trying to hold in my snarkiness over the last few posts.

Yeah, the shortcut on the controller does help a lot. It’s RB to quicksave and LB to load. I think the first time I’ve played a game where save and load are assigned to the main buttons on a controller? I seem to recall one more, so maybe the second game I’ve played.

But it’s still not top of mind for me, I’d rather be paying attention to the fight and moving forward. So I still forget and usually have to start the level over.

Civvie takes a look at a very indie, one man project Zortch game. Looks fun for $5.

Two more remasters announced by Nightdive

I loved Dark Forces to death, but I’m not as familiar with the Turok games. I bought the first two on GOG, and played a bit of the first one, and liked it well enough, but hell, I didn’t even know there was a third one. I guess I need to look it up and find out if it was good. There was another Turok around I think maybe 2008 that I did buy around that time, but I wasn’t real fond of that one.

Regardless, I’ll likely end up buying both of these unless they do something outrageous with the pricing, which I don’t have any reason to expect that they’d do.

Dark Forces remaster really isn’t that big of a deal - there’s been an awesome engine port for it for a while, although I’m sure ND will add the usual additional bells and whistles, which is nice.

But what is NDs obsession with Turok? Turok sucks.

This is very (very) inspired in Duke Nukem 3d

Yeah, I was also getting some level design vibes from the original Shadow Warrior, specifically the beginning of SW’s first level, such as at the 13 second mark. But the editing was so fast, it was hard to get a good look without pausing. Once paused, the feeling kind of disappeared, but the nostalgia was strong while it was playing.

As mentioned in the Quake Enhanced topic that I recently bumped, been playing a lot of Quake and community mods in the Ironwail source port. It’s easily the fastest FPS experience I’ve had with the lowest latency. Makes it a joy to play. So I decided to play a little of John Romero’s SIGIL mod for GZDoom to compare, and man, it feels like it’s running in slow motion though I’m getting the same framerates as Quake in Ironwail (120 FPS). The negative transfer is just too overwhelming to continue with Doom wads for now so I’m going back to Quake. I hope I can recover from this because playing Doom wads has been among the most fun I’ve ever had in gaming.

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Oh hey, this is coming to Playstation and Xbox next month.

Did anyone here end up playing it on PC yet?

I did. My thoughts on it are unkind, but more for design and preference reasons than anything. YMMV, but don’t believe anyone telling you this is FEAR.

Awwwww, darn. I really wanted to play another FEAR.

Don’t worry Monkey, don’t listen to the three dudes who played FEAR for the stupid-ass story!

It’s not so much of the “stupid-ass story” that I missed, but in how Trepang2 apes FEARs combat, but ignores its design. FEARs combat sequences were deliberately designed and deliberately paced to put the careful player in powerful initial tactical positions and let things delightfully degenerate from there.

I gave up on Trepang2 early, when it locked me in a cluttered, badly-lit arena, and then turned into a wave/horde shooter that included a bullet sponge miniboss. I know kids like their “run around and spaz out like a weasel on crack” Doom Eternal shooters these days, but they’re not to my tastes.

Again, YMMV!

Fortune’s Run has released… on Early Access


Yeah, see you around.

Oh, not for me then but at least they’ve taken an honest look at how long its going to take to leave EA and been upfront about it.

I played through the demo this indie Duke 3D FPS today. Some nice scripted events but I’m not a fan of the personality-free protagonist.