The Crew 2 - Planes, boats, and automobiles

Apart from ocasional crash, FH3 worked well for me, although I did experience the usual windows store nonsense.

Demo for FH4 worked correctly right away though.

And yeah Crew 2 is a flop.

Forza Horizon 4 has, from what people say, no such problems.

My driving game experience is limited to The Crew (first) and Forza Horizon 3 (second) and I prefer The Crew. Partly it’s just that I like what I first tried, I’m sure, but The Crew feels bigger than Forza. I also dislike how Forza handicaps races - what’s the point of tuning my car if every other car in a race is automagically exactly equal?

For what it’s worth, I’m playing on Windows 10 and haven’t had any serious problems with FH3.

Isn’t that the opposite of a handicap?

I don’t think so. Not in a golf sense anyway. In golf you’re given a handicap so that you’re competitive with the others, right? Similar in Forza games. I think he used it correctly here.

I’m sure I’m using the term wrong.

What I’m trying to say is that every car in a race has the same car level as whatever I’m driving. The last racing game I played was Gran Turisimo 3, where upgrading your car gave a noticeable benefit in a race tier. I like that aspect of car games, with the car getting better as I change out parts. As far as I can tell, Forza doesn’t really do that. The car gets better, but so does the competition.

Right, but if every car is equal, there’s no handicap. Am I misreading what he wrote?

Edit: Ah. See above.

Yeah, I’m mildly irritated by that too in the Forza games. They give you so many tools to tune your difficulty that it puts all the burden on you as the player to tune your experience, instead of the game designers tuning it for you.

If you upgrade your car, others are upgraded as well, but only so far as their magical “rating” score is concerned. So you could get a serious advantage over the other cars, if you tune it well, or a serious disadvantage. The other cars are just automatically upgraded, same as if you did an automatic upgrade from Grade B to Grade A, for instance. Some better tires maybe, better acceleration, etc. But if it’s a very specific type of race, where top speed is important, for instance, and you tune for that, the automatic upgrades won’t be as good.

Plus they have their “recommended car” for each of the events in the game. These cars are better suited to the race. If you pick one of the other cars, and automatically upgrade it to the same Class B/A, etc., you could be at a serious disadvantage.

But on top of that, you can still do things like enable time reversal. You can adjust the AI drivatar difficulty up and down. You can adjust your simulation level to make the challege harder or easier. There’s just so many factors, and you have to use them all to find the right zone of difficulty for yourself. Each person is different, obviously. In the normal Forza games I want more of a challenge. In the Horizon games, I want a more laid back experience so I don’t bother making the game challenging. But even in the Horizon games, when I do Rivals mode and race against fellow Qt3 denizens, my competitive drive finally kicks in.

Overall it works out for me, but yeah, I do wish sometimes that the old Gran Turismo method of upgrading a car = gaining an advantage could be true on its face sometimes, with no caveats.

It’s not perfect but it’s still 100 times better than the older Forza games where the other cars had levels all over the place. The thing is, with the other cars on similar levels, it makes the AI drivers more competitive among themselves, compared to the older games they were all just driving on a line getting further and further apart.

I haven’t played too many hours of FH3 and I’ll readily admit that I’m really bad at it, but I’m not sure I like the AI drivers being so equal.

In many of the races I’ve done, whatever car managed to get it in front first wins because the scrum of other cars keep everyone else together and unable to catch up. I seem to either get ahead early and cruise to victory (unless I crash into terrain) or I can’t get away from the other drivers because they’re constantly bumping me or cutting me off. Maybe I need to set the AI difficulty higher so they drive smarter?

I guess I like the idea of the whole game being so highly tunable, but in practice I just want to be able to play a game without fiddling with all of it.

I would turn the AI drivers down, and see if you can get ahead of them easier. That worked for me when I had similar problems in FH3.

Free weekend and deep discount.

Has it gotten good/better, or should I just keep playing Forza Horizon?

TDU is another one of these CarPGs. I liked driving around Ibiza. Hawaii was too hilly and dangerous for fast cars, but at the same time too repetitive and boring for slow cars.

I think the sweet spot for me was cruising around Ibiza in a Ferrari 308. (Same one as in Magnum PI.)

Forza Horizon 4 looks very pretty.

That looks like a lot of fun, cars and events. Makes me want to reinstall and play.

I dunno, man. It can’t possibly be as bad as it was when it came out, but I don’t see a lot in that trailer to reassure me. I guess I might as well check it out, but it will be with the opposite amount of your enthusiasm, @Wendelius. :)


And so, balance to enthusiasm levels was maintained. :)

Its a trap I bet!