The Crew Motorfest - The third Crew

(Tweet is in response to another tweet from December predicting that The Crew 3 would be announced in 2023).

I hope it’s more 1 than 2. The Crew will always have a soft spot in my heart.

Edit: Announcement tweet:

The rumors going around is that this is a return to Oahu and eschews the continental US approach the past two games had.

Huh. I honestly thought this post was about the card game getting a 3rd iteration and now I’m disappointed. At the same time I was pretty surprised that it would warrant an entire thread as well! So this makes more sense.

Aw, that was my favourite thing about the first one. If I want to drive around a (relatively) small area there are loads of games that cater to that, not leat TDU, which has a new iteration that is going to be competing directly with this.

On the one hand, I get it. It would be hard to make another rendition of the continental US that feels unique. But on the other hand, I liked the variety of biomes, elevation, and cities that were on offer. If The Crew 3 is just a single environment/locale/island/whatever, I feel like it’d be impossible to compete with the Forza Horizons and the TDU’s of the world.

If they’re going in a more focused, Driver: San Francisco direction, I am all for it.

So do all of Europe, or somewhere else then. Of course, that wouldn’t let them re-use assets/reference art, so it’s a no go.

If you make The Crew without a continent spanning open-world to drive in, what is even left? The world’s most mediocre racing game?

You guys disparaging the smaller focus, did you play TDU2?

The point being, people who liked TDU 2 will probably play the new TDU rather than this. I’m not saying it’s a bad choice in the abstract, just a weird choice for this franchise (though obviously I understand the dev pedigree).

Did the races in TDU2 suck as much as in The Crew?

Honestly, I wouldn’t be interested in Crew 3 without the large open-world even if the racing is good, but obviously that’s a personal preference.

Crew 2’s thing was transitioning from cars to boats to planes right? Will they go further with that I wonder.

You’re not alone in that, @rowe33.

I mean, when I think The Crew, I think two things.

  • Large, diverse landmass.
  • The whole thing with cars having different classes and gear, and being able to spec one car into different versions of itself to enter different types of races.

You can make a good game with only the latter, but I’d prefer to have both, if I could.

And for what it’s worth, you don’t need to have any specific landmass to make me happy. If their version of Oahu is big and provides varied environments that are fun to drive around in, then I’ll be happy.

They could certainly make Oahu about the same size as they made The United States in The Crew 1 and 2. Easily.

Oahu was pretty big in TDU already, and pretty varied in terms of the biomes.

For me at least it’s not about drivable area in terms of travel time, it’s about diversity of environments and recognisable and distinct cities.

I wonder if the timing implies current gen only.

Set it on Mars. I want to race to Olympus Mons.


I’m confused. Are you talking about TDU? People are definitely talking about that franchise in contrasting it with The Crew, but it looks like you’re responding to a post about The Crew. Are you saying there are rumors about The Crew 3 that it will be a smaller area, like TDU? Or are you talking about rumors about a new TDU game?