The Crypto Thread

Bitcoin, yessss…

Coffeezilla calling a spade a spade.

Also, allegedly Bloomberg could have had the scoop months ago but passed for reasons. I guess it’s hard to criticise this too hard without knowing exactly what was laid out for them, but thre ‘reasons’ just came down to money/advertising (from the crypto space).

I think it’s more subtle than that, in that the people reporting on crypto are often invested (emotionally and sometimes financially) in the ecosystem. If you think the whole thing is a fraud then after a little while of shouting at clouds that the emperor has no clothes you are going to want to go and do something productive with your life. So the Bloomberg crypto desk is going to be staffed with people who want crypto to succeed.

Amy Castor on the Celsius examiner’s interim report.

Levine also covered it in his Monday newsletter.

“Nevertheless, it’s jam-packed with the sort of hilarity and horrors that you find when anyone looks inside how any crypto firm actually works.”

How was this ever a thing?

Dumb people + money + Internet

" All crypto firms are Quadriga. It’s just that some haven’t exploded yet ."

Seems accurate.

FTX-Twitter crossover event?