The Curse of Shrum

At 0-7, Adviser Bob Shrum Is Well Acquainted With the Concession Speech

By Mark Leibovich
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, September 10, 2004; Page C01

Each day at the Democratic convention in Boston, a team of 10 speechwriters would convene in a windowless office behind the Fleet Center podium to help compose and polish that night’s speeches. In the spirit of camaraderie, the speechwriters discussed making T-shirts for themselves.

One suggested a design featuring the slogan “Reverse the Curse” over a picture of Bob Shrum, the Democratic strategist whom many perceived to be presidential candidate John Kerry’s closest adviser. “The Curse” referred to Shrum’s career-long slump in presidential campaigns, a well-catalogued losing streak that runs from George McGovern to Al Gore.

Personally I think Rove recommended JFK pick Shrum on purpose…

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The Democrats are rank amateurs at electioneering when compared to the Republican machine, that’s for sure.

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This isn’t a troll, this is true. Republican have become masters at getting people to ignore th real issues that would sink their candidate, while at the same time building up worthless issues and catchphrases (flip-floper) that mean nothing, but people focus on. I agree with Democrats politically, but they sure don’t seem like they know how to run a dirty election, which may be the only election that can win.