The Darkness return!

You can stream the entire new record. Sounds awesome! I really do love these guys.


I just finished listening to it. Wow. It’s, uh, beyond derivative. Every minute of this 35 minute album reminded me of someone else. “Oh, that guitar solo is straight off of Boston’s first record.” “Oh, that groove sounds just like AC DC’s 'Given the Dog a Bone”. “Oh, those multilayered vocals sounds EXACTLY like Queen.” It’s like they took 100 songs and remixed all the pieces. It’s not an album, it’s a super-medley.

And where’s the rock? The only song close to rocking is the title track. Far too many ballads on this disc, which were even more numerous than the last disc.

Very well-produced, but ultimately disappointing. This is 2005’s “We Built This City”. People will love it now but be overcome with embarassment when they find it in their CD collection 20 years from now.

I opened that page and two things started playing at the same time. Euugh.

The album title is great though.

I bet it’s the album track and the CD single version playing simultaneously. That crazy synth thing goes one for a minute before the actual song starts up. Pause the player and it will behave.

Uh, isn’t this sort of the whole point behind The Darkness? Did you actually take the first album seriously? Because, well, I don’t think it was supposed to be fucking OK Computer.

I had to look up OK Computer, so I missed the reference.

I bought and liked (some) of Permission to Land. But at least the songs on their first disc sound original. I can’t say the same for this one. I swear, every minute of this new disc reminded me of songs I’ve heard before, even though I couldn’t necessarily name them. The Darkness are this decade’s Kingdom Come, but with more than one influence. Considering their first album, I’m disappointed in their new direction.

My favorite song on the CD is knockers, where he’s just saying I like what youve done with your hair haha.

Honestly I think Permission to Land rocks a little harder and it catchier, but To Hell I think plays on the ‘joke band’ a lot more which is fine cause I find the songs funny but this is definately a different approach to a band that already took a different approach.

All music is ultimately going to borrow from others, I do nothing but hear music that sounds like other songs ive heard before. Most of my favorite songs are covers, but music snobbery gains you nothing.

That line alone is enough to get me to buy the CD.

A second album from Darkness seems about as superfluous as the second Knack album or the flip side to “Kung Fu Fighting”. Pass.

Is this some pitchfork review audition or something?

Nope. I think those music-hating fuckwits are laboring under the pretension that there’s some artistic statement that Darkness is making, and making well.

Look. “Permission To Land” is fun. But it’s supposed to be a funny and ironic joke. If you’re playing joke music, and wearing a costume to put it across at what point have you realized the fullness of your artistic vision?

Listening to this just makes me wanna break out “Sheer Heart Attack” and listen to Freddie Mercury and Brian May do this 200 times better. “Brighton Rock”, “Killer Queen”, “Stone Cold Crazy”, “Lap Of The Gods”, and “Now I’m Here” ftw.

You said it buddy. I remember when music was about fun too!

So I’m the bad guy for trashing an unnecessary, uninteresting joke album?

It’s not unnecessary or uninteresting. It’s good, fun, entertaining rock. Best of all, you can go to a live show and take it all in which you simply can’t do with any of the dead bands that used to make music like this before. That alone makes The Darkness a million times more relevant. Christ, Justin even wears the spandex and does high-jumping splits on stage!

As much as people want to pigeonhole this as “funny”, the song writing is good, the musicianship is very solid and the production is first rate. Roy Thomas Baker even produced this latest release. You might remember him…


He is perhaps best known for producing the enduring hit song “Bohemian Rhapsody” for Queen.

Well, there you go.

You’re a bad guy for having to look up OK Computer. :wink:



I don’t understand the “It’s all ballads” criticism. Neither this album or the first had too many. There’s a very specific tempo to a ballad and there are like two on here, just like the first.

Also, this will sound a lot heavier when you can hear it in a form that’s not compressed. 128k bitrate just plain blows. You lose all the low end stuff and it really fucks up the sound. The cymbals sound shitty, the guitars aren’t as heavy, etc. I’m looking forward to getting this on Tuesday to rock the fuck out!

Bald is a great song as is Knockers and the title track.


EDIT: Also, I’m all for the return of Brit rockers with bad teeth! Kids in England, don’t frequent your dentist, no matter what mum says!

Man I don’t like it when people use the word “ballad” to mean any slow song. Also, fuck the Darkness, but that’s a great album title.

Knockers is the greatest Darkness song ever. Between this and SOAD, I’m so in rock ‘n’ roll heaven. Disturbed rolls into town a week from Friday and Anthrax is coming to Allentown in January. Rock ‘n’ roll life is so good to me.