The Dead Zone

After checking out the Monk thread, I was wondering if anyone else was watching my current favorite show on USA, The Dead Zone. Personally, I came upon this show being very skeptical, but I’m now an enamored fan. The acting is generally pretty good, the stories are very well written, and the special effects kick butt. I’ve just been re-watching the entire first season on DVD, and a new season begins tomorrow night, July 6th. If you’ve seen the show, what do y’all think? If not, why not? ;)

I like it quite a bit; we try to catch it every Sunday in my house. I was really let down by the way they handled the death of Johnny in the book, and adapting that to a series. I guess that was the season 2 finale. I thought it was a cop out. Actually, this series is just like the X Files for me: I like the episodes that are stand alone, complete stories. The ongoing, conspiracy story arc (in both shows) is kind of boring and doesn’t hold my interest.

Did Stephen King have a lot of input into the series? I haven’t really been impressed with his television work, but it sounds like this might be worth looking into.

I dig this show. Decent acting, decent writing, decent special effects, even. Well worth supporting over much of the countless drivel/dreck on the airwaves these days.

I don’t believe so. When I was watching the behind-the-scenes thingy on DVD, it said that when King sold the rights to do a Dead Zone movie, he also allowed for a TV show as well, so they ran with it.

No word yet on whether Mr. Wallis has manifested psychic powers.

Doubtful, unless he had previous head trauma. ;)

<bump> Hi guys. :) Just wondering if we have any more dead zone fans out there. I’ve been watching the second season on DVD, catching episodes I missed, and I’m frigging hooked all over again. This is probably my favorite show currently on TV.

I’ve definitely got it on my ReplayTV, but the seasons seem short and oddly timed.

It is a great show, though – although the writing could use some help, the acting is pretty darn good.