The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


We have a Trump thread, and various threads about all of his myriad of scandals. But we don’t have a general purpose “wtf GOP?” thread, and that’s what this is.

Bear in mind, until a few weeks ago, I was registered as a republican. I was not perhaps a “staunch” Republican, in that I didn’t vote blindly for the party, but since PA only lets you vote in primaries if you are registered with a party, I had picked the GOP, and been a member for my entire adult life.

And now I’m not, because they are off the rails.

Without further ado…

So Jersey has failed to pass a budget. This isn’t Christie’s fault, but this horrific act is.

He shut down all the state parks, including a bunch of beaches… On July 4th weekend. For those who don’t know, July 4th iS a big deal in Jersey, with a huge number of folks going there from PA. This will have significant negative economic impacts.

And again, that is not Christie’s fault alone. I think he’s actually obligated by their Constitution.

But he then took his family to the beach, that no one else is allowed to go to.

Pretty sure he’s trying to get a zero for his approval rating.


They shut down beaches on the 4th weekend in Jersey? What an evil thing to do. I GUESS people can drive to Delaware, but that’s just cruel.


This is the best picture of Christie.




He’s just cutting out government waste.


The gop just straight up lies about seemingly everything now. No matter how easily it’s proven wrong. They don’t care.


Right, and why should they care when there are no consequences?

Were America’s electorate worthy of its charge, Trump would not have attained more than 10% of the popular vote. That he did shows that partisanship, tribalism, and team membership are the most important values in our national discourse.

That’s where we are. What can be shocking after that sociopathic, moronic con-man attained the highest office in the land?


Short article: Scott Pruitt, EPA.

Trump made a lot of dumb promises, but he’s following through on destroying the globe
The one area where the Trump administration has actually made considerable progress is rolling back environmental protections.

We would have seen the same had a “normal” Republican won (Rubio, for instance.)

If anyone really wants to dig in:


One more!
Florida’s been lagging lately in the “crazy shit Red states do” category:


At a Sunday news conference on the shutdown, Christie was asked if he got any sun today.

“I didn’t,” he said. “I didn’t get any sun today.”

When later told of the photo, Brian Murray, the governor’s spokesman, said:

“Yes, the governor was on the beach briefly today talking to his wife and family before heading into the office. He did not get any sun. He had a baseball hat on.”

Christie, who first disclosed his weekend plans on Monday, said Sunday he was taking the state helicopter to go back and forth between Island Beach State Park and Trenton.

“I traveled there and I traveled back and I’ll travel back again,” Christie said. “That’s where my family is sleeping, so that’s where I’ll sleep tonight. When I have a choice between sleeping with my family, and sleeping alone, I generally like to sleep where my family is.”


That beach photo is straight out of Veep. How did Christie not realize the bad optics on that?


I love how their angle on this is that he didn’t “get any sun” while sitting there. Oh, alright then!


Because, as noted above, no one apparently cares and the electorate is happy to have these sad sacks in power because…reasons.

There is a house near me that I drive by pretty regularly that has a yard festooned with an ever-growing number of Trump-Pence signs. I can only imagine that people like this are the same types who have flocked to dictators, strong men, and authoritarian cults of personality throughout history. Some nihilistic urge to join the mob of pitchfork and torch-wielding maniacs and abandon the difficult task of rational thought.

At one time I felt the accusations that Trump supporters and the GOP in general were pretty much purely motivated by “anything that hurts the other guys (liberals, Dems, whatever.” But now I think, yeah, that’s about right. These people, maybe half the country give or take, seem perfectly willing to perhaps literally burn it all down just to spite the people they can’t abide.


Well, really, with Christie his approval rating was at 15% two weeks ago, and certainly will drop further after this.
He’s got the lowest approval rating of any governor in the history of NJ.


Yeah, since there is no future for him in NJ, what does he care?


Why didn’t Trump put him in his cabinet, again? Bridgegate?


Because Trump wants Toadies and Generals. Unfortunately, Christie wasn’t toadie enough.


Give him credit – he was one of the first to prostrate himself before the Trumpster.

Kinda sad he humiliates himself like that, then Trump actually manages to win, and he doesn’t get AG or anything out of it.


Exactly this. Jersey has term limits, and his approval rating in NJ is 15%… the lowest for any governor in ANY state. He’s not coming back as a AG or Senator or anything like that, so why not enjoy his dwindling time in office as much as he can.

Another theory I’ve seen floated is that he’s purposefully thumbing his nose at… er… I guess “decorum”… in the hopes that the controversy will catch Trump’s eye and he can be appointed to some secondary deputy directorship somewhere. You know, 'cause that worked out so well for him last time.


My theory is that he’s just a selfish twat.