The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

Once you activate a project into a slot, it remains until completed. Daily and Weekly refers to how often a new project will become available in that empty/completed slot.

Oh thanks.

So I am now forced to group with other players?

Except for the 8-person Raid activity, everything else can be completed solo. However, many high-difficulty activities are easier if you group with other people.

I’ve “finished” everything solo.

The daily & weekly projects that are not resetting say I have to complete activities while “grouped” and in the case of the weekly project “perform emotes” in front of other players ffs.


I don’t quite see the point of the timers if the missions don’t reset…

The idea is “finish this project before the timer expires so a new one will replace it, otherwise you’re stuck with this one for another week.” If anything, the timers slow you down and prevent you from rushing a series of projects for quick rewards. But overall, it’s silly–I think players should be free to rush or delay at their own pace without an artificial timer.

This is the one last game I’ll get some time in before my UPlay+ trial ends. I’m liking it much more than I expected since I don’t have any interest in the multiplayer part.

I chose the turret platform and man it takes off a lot of the heat while doing damage.

I just did the early mission of saving the daughter. Are the missions varied and does enemy variety grow?

This is the only game I’ve had a chance to play during the Uplay+ trial, and it’s definitely more Division for better and worse. They added a bunch of “stuff” to do out in the world, which is great but also means I get distracted and end up doing half a dozen activities on the way to a mission that was only 1000 ft away.

There’s a decent variety in the open world activities, but the general cadence of missions is roughly the same - escalating set piece arenas, ending in a confrontation with a named boss.There are multiple factions that all feel rather samey - until you unlock World Tiers and the Black Tusk faction invades.

My experience is that there’s a decent variety of missions, and they do a good job of introducing new activities as you make progress towards the endgame. For reference, I’ve put in about 275 hours.

In an apartment during a job move. Hooked up my PS4 and I find that the edges of the screen are cut off. I see no way to adjust this in the game (or on my TV.) Help!

Overscan is in your tv settings.

Unfortunately not on this tv

Then your gpu settings

Wait. Hidden deep in the settings. That did it thanks! (And realizing I’ve forgotten how to play lol)

Hefty patch just dropped to add a bunch of new content, including some quality of life stuff. I’m still annoyed that their loot philosophy is “more is better” but I’m happy to have additional story bits.

IKR? It’s like nobody learned from Diablo 3. I think that’s a problem with the game industry in general.

When it comes to loot, I like the mix-and-match approach, but really I dislike the RNG-based assignment of numbers. Just give me static numbers and let me optimize my mix-and-match combinations and I’d be happy.

Jumped back in after a pause due to “life stuff” and got my GS up to 499. I play mostly solo when not playing co-op with my brother. A question on solo play loadouts:

I’ve tried a lot of gun loadouts and always end back up with a MMR and a LMG. It works for me, as much as I want it to be a combo of an AR and something. For my skills, for solo, I use the healing chem and the assault turret. The assault turret makes a great companion when I am solo especially after they tweaked it to last longer and reset quickly. But I do wonder about whether the assault drone would be better? The one advantage I see with it is that it will seek out bad guys, vs. the turret which has to have a line of site.

Thoughts on the assault turret vs. drone?

For the most part, everything in the game is a tradeoff of some sort. Even the silly RNG-based gear stats are just different ways of dividing up some total number of available points. The math-nerd part of me appreciates that it’s numerically “balanced” that way, but the player experience is still pretty tedious because I have to swap screens and do a bunch of excess math to figure out if the RNG distributed the numbers in useful (to me) ways.

So more specifically, turret generally has more durability, duration, and damage output at the cost of mobility. Drone is fragile and short-lived, but it can flank and pursue. Turrets also have a tendency to draw more aggro, which is a plus or minus depending on your playstyle.