The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

So, my original character is 40 with a few dozen SHD levels. My second character is 30/WT1. I’m wondering…should I hang around DC to get to WT5, or just go to NY now? I mean, the gear you get in NYC along with the level increase makes everything you got up until then crap, so it feels sort of dumb to be grinding away for things that will be trashed as soon as I hit the Big Apple. OTOH, I’ve never actually gone to WT5, as my original character was WT1 or 2 when I sort of inadvertently boosted him to NYC.

Unless anyone can give me any specific reasons why I should not, I think I’m inclined to go to NY and start leveling again and getting reasonable loot.

WT1 to WT5 isn’t that long. Just doing the story missions to unlock the strongholds in order.

I’ve pretty much accomplished most of what I want for my character goals with the remaining level 40 Chatterbox.

How much story is in those missions, though? Does it actually provide more info on the Black Tusk stuff? If so I might do them.

I think it covers something about President Ellis and Black Tusk.

Yeah, that’s my sense too.

It’s weird how difficulty wiggles all over the place in this game. I had a very hard time even finishing the story missions when I quit the first time, but then with the WONY expansion and changes I was able to do that easily (the basic game stuff, not all the WT levels) before I headed to NY. Back from NY at 40, world default Hard level stuff is fine, a good challenge. But my other character, 30/WT2, has a hard time with many normal difficulty encounters. Bounties are a particular bugaboo; I always seem to die by getting swarmed and not being able to heal/reload fast enough. No matter how hard I try to kite, my armor just disappears and it takes forever to kill anything.

Of course, my GS is sub-300. Which is why I am tempted to just say screw it and go to NY, where you instantly get a bajillion times better weaponry. But the kicker there is you have to stay until 40, and you sort of skip over the rest of the WT missions. Not sure how to get decent gear though in DC.

I’m trying to do this right now and I keep killing him too early on Normal. Gotta try it on Hard.

Heh, I never even knew about that.

Is there a PS4 clan for Qt3? Can’t seem to find it. Switched to console after getting the game cheap as my laptop was struggling at times and the stuttering was taking the fun away from the game.

Jesus, that was hard. Did it on Challenging difficulty and barely avoided killing the Basilisk miniboss by one sliver of his health. Took about a dozen tries.


Um, what do you get for it?

It’s the final piece of field research for the gunner specialization

As a mostly solo player is the expansion worth getting?

I fired D2 yesterday and saw that I hadnt logged in for 326 days so its been a while.

Is it worth getting the expansion and running a new character?

The gear 2.0 is almost worth it but be sure to redeem 100 Ubisoft club points on PC if you can for 20% off. It’s more worth it if you have friends to play with. Matchmaking with randos is fun and I like to "answer the call’ to help random people. I’m in the QT3 clan on PC but there’s hardly any activity.

The expansion is most definitely worth it. I run solo 99% of the time. I’ve run through the expansion once on my first character, and now I’m doing it on a second (the first I inadvertently sent to NY before getting to WT5 in DC). NY is still a great location, with a lot of good missions. Some are a PITA towards the end, but overall it’s very cool. And the level cap increase and improvement in gear is very solid.


Again and again and again. Along with the NY crisis announcement and “Location defended by hostiles” and… Yeah, there is a LOT of ultimately annoying backchatter. I have grown to hate pretty much everyone in the Division. At least those who speak. Maybe the one game where having your character be mute is a good call.

Got to WT5 and off to NY I go. It’s hilarious how greens you pick up in the walk from the LZ to Haven outclass your best weapons from WT5.

My brother and I cooped the mission to take down Venus. Holy crap. We were getting pretty cocky, but she’s up on top of a roof and there’s a rope to go up there. No details to spoil it, but we decided to fight her from the ground, far below. My brother’s assault drone flew up and did a decent job with people around her, we both set up sniper turrets (my mortar turret would not shoot up and onto the roof that high) and we took out everyone but her, but when stuck her head up she’d almost one shot us, bombed us with flaming fireflies (I think) and when we’d get her armor down by half she’d back off and heal. After a LOT of time, and wondering if we were going to have to climb back up, we sent two assault drones after her at the same time, which wore her down some, then got a couple of good shots on her from sniper turrets and our guns, then when she was down a good amount I got a lucky critical sniper rifle headshot that took her down. Interested in how others took on this battle?

I saw a Youtube video and the guy climbed the roof and, even though it was a tough battle, he dispatched her with a rifle. I’d love to know what rifle he was using because it REALLY packed a punch.

One thing I like about this game is that, despite many encounters being set-pieces based on a relatively small number of templates, there are often multiple ways to approach each fight. The designers also do a good job reusing locations, with different avenues of approach and different setups.

Lately I’ve been opening most fights by tossing a cluster seeker, followed by a sniper turret with the explosion on deploy talent. Often, the seeker alone will clear out small groups of scrubs, and the two together will usually dispatch medium-sized groups with little or no shooting by me. For regular fights I position myself so that I can get a rough line of sight to the bad guys (needed to target the sniper turret) but still keep myself under cover. I pop out to AR down the wounded. When the armored baddies show up, it’s a toss up whether the turret will do a number on their armor or not, and the seeker is also iffy, so I end up using a lot of bullets on them. I sometimes switch to a LMG for that, depending, though most of my ARs are better if I can time the reloads properly.

I’ve also taken to using the pistol more, per some suggestions here. Some of the handguns are brutally effective, especially if you have explosive or incendiary ammo loaded.

A good post on how the meta of the game has changed in Title Update 8:

I have to constantly move now whereas before I could comfortably hunker down and even wait out an alert level 4 Control Point last summer.

That post has some great info. I never really paid attention to stuff before the expansion, never really getting to end-game content and never playing at other than Story or Normal. Since the expansion, I’ve dipped my toes into the upper end stuff and everything he says seems on point. I’ve been getting away with a more static style like I described above because 1), I was playing in DC doing WT 1-5, at Normal, and thus not really getting into hard stuff, and 2) I at least have been practicing constant C2C movement and some of the other tactics he mentions. But I am definitely not going to stick with my current set up, because the sniper turret requires too much static play and is unreliable in terms of damage, as I get into the higher and harder content.

On my level 40 character, I already do Hard content in a similar way he describes, though not as effectively yet. I do want to get comfortable on Hard before moving to Challenging.