The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

So I’ve been chipping away at this on and off all on my lonesome for probably over a year, finally finished the main campaign. I picked up the NY expansion on sale and intended to go there after finishing DC, but the Black Tusk has thrown a spanner in the works. So I’m not sure what to do next, do I stay in DC and do all that Tusk stuff or can I zip off to the big apple for a nice change of scenery?

I remember seeing a post here saying something about being stuck in NY until it’s finished if you choose to go there. Any info would be appreciated.

try going off to NYC. if it doesn’t let you, you have to do black tusk invasions first.

Once you go to NYC, you have to finish those missions before the quick travel back to DC is activated. NYC though is well worth doing IMO, with some cool missions and interesting settings.

One thing to do in New York is explore the rooftops. Climb up on them in, say, Chinatown and you’ll find you can cover a lot of the area purely on rooftops, with a lot of cool stuff to find, plus a great view.

Loved Division 2, played most of it from Level 1 through maxxed out with my brother in Co-op. Regretfully quit when we realized we were maxxed out in every way, not keeping any loot, had optimized several types of builds, and it had become same old same old every time we played. But until then it was a great ride.

Thank y’all for the info. I read somewhere that the NY stuff was tougher than the Black Tusk missions, so I decided to venture out into DC and see if my character felt under leveled. It was slow going at first. So I’m going to just chip away at the DC stuff until I either finish all the missions and get a bit stronger or get sick of the city, then I will head to NY.

I’m not much of a min maxer, I just tend to use weapons and skills that I feel comfortable with until they are not doing enough damage. So I absolutely could be ahead of where I am, but I enjoy just ambling around the city taking in the sights. It really is a very nice looking game.

How are you finding the game currently? I was considering going back to either it, or Division 1 which I adored a lot!

That is how I played. Often when I wasn’t playing co-op I would just decide to, say, pick one corner of the map and walk all the way across the map to another corner. There’s a LOT to discover, just little cool things. They created a really nice world for exploring. I was in no rush to level up at all. For me, the best part of the game was the stages where I could level up, and thus would be excited to find a weapon case up on a roof that I found a sneaky way to get up on, because it could be better than the particular one I was using. Once I leveled up to the max, it got to the point where I lost all excitement about finding loot because it was never better than what I owned.

I liked D1 quite a bit also, I find D2 is pretty much more of the same. I played the first one single player for the most part, maybe 25% with some friends but the rest was just lone wolfing it and it was fun. My experiences with part 2 are similar, I’d say go for it.

I’m similar to you in that I need a “driver” to keep me going. But for me it’s not loot so much as I need some story. Doesn’t need to be much just some little nuggets of why I’m doing what I’m doing, which is probably a good thing with these games as the story stuff is pretty flimsy. The city is just so well rendered that it’s enjoyable to just walk from place to place.

I clocked goodness knows how many hours in TD1 and I simply can’t imagine giving similar hours to TD2. In TD1 I can hold my own in DZ and can solo any Legendary mission, going into TD2 means I have to start from scatch. Eff that.

So I went back to TD1 and never look back (or forward). DZ is still exciting enough, and I don’t mind carrying the team when I group with newbies. This is probably why WoW is similarly still alive after all these years, veterans just won’t let it die and it in turn will attract newbies.

I played D2 first, but after hearing everyone in the D2 forums go on and on about D1 my brother and I tried it. BTW - I only play PvE which means no Dark Zone. We’d leveled up to max (before NYC DLC) at the time.

There were things I liked about it, and things where I really missed the interface improvements of D2. However, what really kept me from spending a ton of time in D1 was the lack of loot. I remember finding a clever and hidden way to get up into a 3rd floor window and into an entire floor of a business, with multiiple rooms, closets, kitchen, etc. And there was practically NOTHING in there. Mainly a few pairs of pants and a hat or two. I couldn’t believe I’d found this secret big area and no weapons, no armor, basically nothing.

And it was there pretty much that way everywhere. Just not much loot to explore and find.

I enjoyed the battles, the gun play, but I never could find what was “better”. In the forums when I asked, OK, what is it all of you are talking about that makes D1 so much better? the answer was basically the Dark Zone is better and the replayable sewers.

D1 is better because it has Survival. Division 2 is an overall improvement but this is a glaring omission that kind of kills my interest in playing anymore.

Yeah, I just couldn’t get into D1 because of the scarcity of loot and thus it killed my desire to really explore the map. Maybe if I played D1 first I would have enjoyed it more.

THIS. Survival is like a different interpretation of Battle Royale. You can pick PvE or PvP, PvE is more cooperative. There is no artificial circle but the closer you get to the centre the better the loots are so there is still pressure to move.

D1 isn’t strictly “better”. It’s that D2 was disappointing as a sequel that isn’t working any better.

It’s like D1 was a high budget, very ambitious game, that massively under delivered, and came out with lots of compromises.

D2 is a repackage built on the same stuff, but aiming much lower. It hits its goals better, but those goals already started as less ambitious. It’s just a side step that does some things better and some other things worse. And generally feeling less significant.

My complaints about D2 are mostly technical. D2 has a worse performing, worse looking engine, with worse models, worse animations and the most downright terrible implementation of some effect like local reflections and TAA (and worse LOD and other things). D1 doesn’t have these problems and locations look generally much better with a significant higher level of polish. It looks better, performs better, plays better. And it’s absurd that a game that comes out after instead of showing purely technical progress shows this kind of regress. It doesn’t make any sense.

Then yes, D2 is better designed with loot and some mechanics. But it ends up feeling just an exp pack to D1 without the same charm and polish. It also didn’t seem as well supported post-release, probably because it also under performed even compared to their lower expectations (they even recently canceled some update that was already announced).

Division 1 went through serious growing pains and spent years learning from their mistakes and improving the game. Then Division 2 launched and ignored every single one of those things. So many things they learned the hard way and then just screwed up all over again. Really bizarre, it felt like the D2 dev team was in total isolation and wasn’t aware of anything about D1 except the original design document or something.

Imo, the real problem is that D2 shouldn’t have existed.

Develop D1 as a platform, use D2 as a major update to all systems, then add D2 content as paid DLC.

That way you aren’t forced to reinvent the wheel, but worse, just because you have to excuse selling it again.

Even D2 itself is structured poorly. There’s an end game tacked on the main game, and a separate end game for the expansion. It doesn’t make any sense and it’s confusing where different players mix and there’s some sort of adapting system.

Division 1 was in such a good place when 2 came out. It was baffling to see the second game run into the same problems they’d already solved in 1. And the content add-ons weren’t on the level of survival and underground.

I was just about to buy the New York expansion during Ubi’s winter sale to give this game another shot. After January 6th I wasn’t feeling it anymore.

I didn’t enjoy D1 very much when it came out and didn’t ever go back to it. I got D2 and did like it for a while playing almost only solo. So I should go back and play D1 now that it’s been spiffied up a bunch?

D2 did ignore much of what D1 eventually figured out. That being said, the game was really fun, and for all of its issues did a bang-up job of giving us an even more dysfunctional DC than we got in 2020!


…and so it ends not with a bang, but a whimper. The resolution of the last manhunt target turns out to not even have a cutscene or anything for a major character since TD1.