The Dope Rhymes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

The Onion circa February 1998 said

“Executing political adversaries, shunning foreigners, condemning America as ‘The Great Satan’—that Saddam is one uptight cat,” Mothership captain Eddie Hazel said. “For too long, he has ruled Iraq with neither a glide in his stride nor a dip in his hip. At this point, our only remaining option is to drop a serious funk bomb on him.”

And apparently we’ve done just that, or done something with equally soulful urban resonance.

A radio station thought to be backed by the CIA has been broadcasting a gangsta rap-style parody of Saddam Hussein to Iraq.
The radio has a Saddam impersonator in its comic slot rapping out a message in English and Arabic to the tune of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise…lyrics include “Smoking weed and getting high. I know the devil is by my side, My days are finished and I will die - all I need is chilli fries.”

Jesus, think of the innocent civilian victims. My apologies if this is old news.

I was wondering what ever happened to Weird Al Yankovic. I guess he figured that not even Coolio could get him killed in Baghdad.