The dreaded "I need a new apartment" thread

Looking in this thread is a response to the “New Case Kitchen” thread.

My fiancee showed me yesterday. It’s a quick and dirty website that overlays Craigslist apartment and housing listings over a non-scrollable Google map. Useful (for selected urban areas)!

The tough part is finding something good; it’s slim pickings right now.

I’ve been apartment hunting lately and have found to be super helpful. Just throwing that out there for anyone that needs some help. It overlays Craigslist and a few different rental listing sites over a SCROLLABLE Google map. You can also overlay walking scores, crime stats, etc. It’s neat :)

We’re working on editing the price. We are going to use a rent calculator to figure out how to divide the rent more equally via bedroom size. Stay tuned.

Wow, nice upgrade. Thanks.

Oh, did you post a price somewhere? (I was referring to the price I was paying now versus virtually anything else :) )

— Alan

I incorrectly assumed we were Facebook friends. That is where I posted the bedroom price.

Ooooooo burn?

Nah, I just sent a request! :)

Well… slightly singed.


— Alan