The Dresden Files Series (Books, not TV)

Huh. I never realized that about his writing. That kind of helps to explain that horrible thing that I read from his wife, though.

What’s that?

She’s some sort of fantasy romance author. I got this from Vine to review and found it wholly and completely disturbing. I don’t know enough about romance novels to say for sure, but I’m guessing that the notion that you just plain can’t find love until the right utter and complete asshole essentially rapes it into you is a little outside of the mainstream. At least, I sure as hell hope it is. After three chapters I felt like I needed a shower.

Oh, she’s one of those? This is actually a surprisingly common theme in fantasy/fantasy-romance novels. :/

I don’t remember the scene, but are we talking about a white court vampire? Because if so, I agree with Ckessel that the perv meter is low-ish. It’s part of the mythos that you stop and stare at a white court’s tip(s) (depending on male or female).

I don’t get the pervy vibe from reading Dresden either. Certainly not on a Piers Anthony scale, or anywhere near there.

No, it’s every female.

I don’t get the pervy vibe from reading Dresden either. Certainly not on a Piers Anthony scale, or anywhere near there.

Piers Anthony writes stories about prepubescent sexpots. That’s the standard for “pervy?”

It’s detective fiction, it’s supposed to be full of sexy and dangerous female characters. I certainly didn’t get a nasty pervy vibe from the series.

I also have to admit that, out of all the fantasy and mystery fiction I’ve read, Butcher keeps it dang tame in comparison in regards to sexuality.

I said “or anywhere near there.” But in a way, Anthony is a good metric for discussion. When you say “perverted” do you mean sexual deviant/twisted? Or are you just saying overly sexual? E.g., Playboy would probably not be considered “perverted” by most Americans. It is highly sexual.

In contrast to Playboy, Anthony is perverted by most standards. As would a magazine focusing on S&M.

I haven’t sat down and read Dresden for this aspect so much that I would be able to say that the level of sexual discussion is more common or pervasive than other urban fantasy or detective stories. As Tortilla mentions, at least the detective genre tends to be more-than-average on the sexualism. It may very well be that Dresden is more sexual than most.

But that would only put it in the realm of being hyper-sexual. In fact, I believe that Dresden went through a long period of celibacy in the books, which might explain the obsession with tips, from Dresden’s perspective.

I really don’t recall much actual perversion (e.g., deviancy, S&M, etc.) in Dresden, beyond the supernatural-intertwined stuff (e.g., white court).

He did, for maybe six books.

How sexy can it be??? He’s never even boffed Murphy yet.

I call BS. You might feel it’s true, but without some sort of actual textual backup, I call BS and that it’s simply your emotional reaction. It’s like the guys saying Game of Thrones has endless rape scenes. No, it doesn’t and it’s not even close. The Dresden series is 12 freaking books now I think, so even finding a half dozen blatant cases scattered across ~5000 pages hardly would amount to much evidence.

The white court and Mab/Maeve/dark fairy ladies are the exception as they’re supposed to sort of embody lust incarnate.

Butcher does, for better or worse, tend to repeat things in every single book for potential new readers. So Molly, her mom, white court women, etc, all get described again in each book. Some of it is pretty cookie cutter stuff from previous books and he usually dispense with it in the first couple chapters. Similarly for his whole “technology doesn’t work near magic users” thing.

Butcher also describes Thomas as insanely handsome, buff, etc, every book just like every other character. Apparently that flies under extarbags radar.

They are succubi, so it makes sense. In terms of mortal women, Dresden has a chauvinistic attitude of always wanting to protect them, and admits it freely, but that doesn’t in any way make these books hyper-sexual. They just aren’t.

Oh SHIT. . . the gauntlet has been thrown! I wonder if extarbags can prove ubiquitous (or at least pervasive) tip-age.

If he can, these damn covers sure are misleading. The only tips I see are Dresden’s staff. What’s up with that?!

I find it funny that, in NONE of the books does he wear a hat. He talks about getting one though. ;)

I love that in Changes, Dresden specifically says he won’t wear a hat even if is fairy enchanted for +5 AC or whatever. Truth be told that was the first time I realised he doesn’t wear a hat.

In one of the short stories, it’s raining, and he says something like “I should really get a hat” but then dismisses it. ;)

I think the stuff with Molly gets a little too pervy for me but that doesn’t really start until Book 8. It’s kind of like Butcher is making Dresden a hero for somehow resiting the urge to sleep with her.

But I don’t really notice the tendency with other characters. Butcher is surely guilty of making pretty much every female insanely attractive but that’s hardly uncommon in most forms of entertainment.

Well I said “pervy,” which has a much less exact definition than “perverted.” I’m using it to mean “creepy and leering.” Better?

So all I have to do to satisfy you in this thread is comb through the entire series and catalog every instance of this? Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

Butcher also describes Thomas as insanely handsome, buff, etc, every book just like every other character. Apparently that flies under extarbags radar.

No, that’s fine, because that’s an explanation of what his supernatural deal is. If he did the same thing with Lara instead of every woman, I’d have no problem with it.