The End of the F *** ing World, another new netflix show

I’ve rewritten the first sentence several times, because the show is really hard to describe. It’s only 8 episodes, and each episodes is only 20 minutes , so it’s not a huge time commitment. It’s very dark, but funny and sweet all at the same time. The main characters are a little irritating at first. That’s on purpose, they get better. You want to avoid almost all reviews, because you don’t want any spoilers. I think it’s well worth the time.

I have seen it pop up and am intrigued. If it’s just 20 Minute episodes it will be a quick watch. Thanks!

I loved the first season, and I just got an email from Netflix that season 2 is now on the service! Hyped!

I won’t have Netflix for a bit, but this changes things. Maybe I should cancel Prime Video on Nov 14th after all and switch over to Netflix. It depends where I am at that time on the shows I’m currently watching on Prime and if it’s a natural stopping point.

S2E1 was kind of a weak origin episode for a new character. The next two episodes get better and better.

I think it was perfect that every episode is only 20 min. long. Great show, after the big boredom I felt watching the Irishman, this was really fresh! I fear of starting season 2, expecting it to be less … fingers crossed.

I’m sorry to tell you it is. There’s still stuff to like, but the magic is gone.

I think it redeems itself at the end though.

I agree, but it certainly starts a lot slower than S1.

I’m a little sad that season two exists. I love both those actors, and it was a real joy to get another few hours with them. But retconning the end of season one for this? For six episodes of Alyssa, without any character development or arc, being unreasonably bitchy to James, who doesn’t deserve it? While some random contrived killer stalks them, and not very well at that?

As far as I’m concerned, there is no season two of The End of the Fucking World.