The End of the F *** ing World, another new netflix show

I’ve rewritten the first sentence several times, because the show is really hard to describe. It’s only 8 episodes, and each episodes is only 20 minutes , so it’s not a huge time commitment. It’s very dark, but funny and sweet all at the same time. The main characters are a little irritating at first. That’s on purpose, they get better. You want to avoid almost all reviews, because you don’t want any spoilers. I think it’s well worth the time.

I have seen it pop up and am intrigued. If it’s just 20 Minute episodes it will be a quick watch. Thanks!

I loved the first season, and I just got an email from Netflix that season 2 is now on the service! Hyped!

I won’t have Netflix for a bit, but this changes things. Maybe I should cancel Prime Video on Nov 14th after all and switch over to Netflix. It depends where I am at that time on the shows I’m currently watching on Prime and if it’s a natural stopping point.

S2E1 was kind of a weak origin episode for a new character. The next two episodes get better and better.