The Exorcist (2016) on FOX.


Well ya don’t say! I really was a great first season. Very glad its coming back.


I caught up with the first season recently and was really surprised how much I enjoyed it. Even if it never got a second season, the first season is satisfying enough to stand on its own.


This is great news. I thought Exorcist turned out great. Gory, pulpy and much better than anticipated. Curious to see what they do in Season 2, which, I gather, will not feature the same family having another demonic go-round.


I forgot this show existed. And with Fox pulling out of Netflix this year, I imagine many cordcutters like me won’t ever see it. That’s a shame.


Good news. The first season prompted me to re-read William Peter Blatty’s (RIP) excellent novel. Still scary as hell.


Heh, didn’t even know about this show (though I vaguely remember seeing something about it a while ago), will definitely check it out, now.


Excellent news! My son and I loved watching this show together (and getting a teenager to watch anything with his parents is almost as difficult as performing an exorcism) so now we’ll get a second go around with it. Hopefully it’s Father Thomas and Father Marcus working together in a new location with a new threat, as there are so many interesting and creepy things they could explore with that setup. I liked Geena Davis and all the actors who portrayed the family, but I really can’t see keeping the show centered on that particular family and still have it be interesting given the culmination of events at the end of the first season. They’re good now, let them be and move on.


Pretty late to the party on this one but I was very pleasantly surprised by how good it was and glad to hear more is on the way.


Some season 2 news and mild spoilers:


(in the tv show) 6 months later…



Episode 1 was fantastic, this is gonna be a great season.


I did enjoy episode 1, but my son and I agree with the author of the article, they really should have kept the infiltration of the church plotline going in Season Two. It was the creepiest thing about Season One, and gave a much larger perspective to the work Thomas and Marcus were doing.

Maybe it will return soon in some other form, but it sure looks like they are heading towards isolating everyone on the island for the season. On the bright side, I really like John Cho, and was glad to see him in this.


Things picked up with Episode 2. I wasn’t thrilled about moving out of the city for this season, but I like what they’ve got going so far.

Happy to see they’ve still got the creep factor going too.


Yeah the start of ep2 was great, this is gonna be a great season, I am sad I fell a few episodes behind already.


Watched episode 2 the other night. We can only watch when my son is around as he likes it and doesn’t want us to watch without him, and his high school and work schedule don’t leave a lot of room…

Anyway, great episode. Wrapped up the crazy baby lady nicely (except how to explain how she murdered two hospital employees…good luck with that sheriff!) and we got the return of the Vatican conspiracy and Father Bennett (woohoo!). Things are looking good!


Slowly catching up, I gotta say do not watch the start of episode 3 while eating anything.

That was one disturbing breakfast scene.

And another fantastic episode, they are doing a great job of dealing with the way Marcus is teaching Thomas, and the background plot of the infiltrated church.


Holy crap episodes 4 and 5 , is anyone else watching?

That reveal at the end of ep5. So good.


I’m caught up and ready for tonight’s episode. Quite like what they’ve done generally, especially with some of the various developments, although I’m quite curious how they manage to keep the cast together in what seems to clearly be an unsafe situation for the various residents of this …troubled… foster home.

I noticed something odd about Grace, but never made the full jump to ‘oh yeah that’s the demon’, even though it’s obvious in retrospect. Having said all that, I don’t know quite how the demon - which seems linked to various misfortunes on the island - fits in with what we saw last season. It feels like more of a haunted house/island show at this point. Still digging it though, although I miss some of the creep factor from the larger conspiracy, the murders, the pope’s visit, etc.


Grace is clearly being set up as the creepy possessed kid early on. And then weird stuff starts happening with other kids in the house, so I thought maybe it was Caleb? And then it starts getting really ominous around Grace again and I was like hmmmmmm. The idea that Andy was the one didn’t occur to me for a single second. They’ve been following the larger conspiracy stuff pretty steadily, though? And that scene with the integrated cardinal’s dinner party…yeesh. Also, yay! Wendy Crowe!


Indeed, Alicia <3 Witt is an amazing addition to the cast this season.

I’ve moved this to watch ASAP status. The entire questioning scene in the living room was just fantastic, the suspense! And then Harper’s mom and that hallway scene, and crazy intense ending! D:

Fox better renew this for a 3rd season.