The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


Exactly. I’m not suggesting some comedy bar association keep them from jobs. I’m saying they may have violated the social contract that entertainers need to honor to stay in their fan’s good graces.


Moonves sounds like such a petty, vindictive guy. This article by Linda Bloodworth Thomason, a successful writer and creator who had a terrible time at CBS once he took over, is a must-read.

The truth is, Les Moonves may never be punished in the way that he deserves. He will almost certainly never go to jail. And he has already made hundreds of millions of dollars during his highly successful and truly immoral, bullying, misogynist reign.

Perhaps the best we can do is thank Ronan Farrow and all the brave women who came forward to make sure a man like this is finally gone, while putting all the other sexual predators who are still in our business on notice. We are not going to stop until every last one of you is gone. We don’t care anymore if you go to jail or go to hell. Just know at some point that you are leaving.

And as for you, Mr. Moonves, in spite of the fact that I was raised to be a proper Southern female, and with your acknowledgement that I have never, in my life, spoken a single cross word to you, despite the way you treated me, may I simply say, channeling my finest Julia Sugarbaker delivery: “Go fuck yourself!”

Also, 60 Minutes’ Jeff Fager is out.

The text in question:


I never realized until reading Linda Bloodworth Thomason’s excellent piece just how many iconic female actresses and female-led shows CBS had produced over the years. It’s absolutely astounding to me that they could have gone from a network that celebrated powerful and complex women with shows like Murphy Brown and Designing Women in their heyday under chairman Howard Stringer and president Jeff Sagansky, to a network that was so actively hostile to women in real life under Moonves. One guy…one fucking guy, had that much control over the culture and environment at the network, and nobody could do a thing to stop him.

If you think about it, Moonves’ actions at CBS stunted what was, at the time, an emerging movement of female empowerment on television that, had it continued, could have led us to the #MeToo movement (or something similar) a whole lot earlier. How many amazing creative voices were silenced under Moonves? How many actresses, writers, directors and staffers have suffered indignations and worse over the past 20 years that they might not have had someone willing to continue the evolution of women in television been named to head CBS?

What a piece of absolute garbage Les Moonves is.



Wait, she’s in a room with him where he’s being a disgusting pig, including putting his hand up her dress. And then:

WHAT. Why would you follow that up by going to his hotel room?! Was all the previous stuff just so business as usual, which is even worse?

If that sounds like I’m victim blaming, I’m not. I’m just trying to understand what would lead someone to follow up the meeting described by a visit to the hotel room, alone.


It does indeed sound like victim blaming, but I accept that you’re not blaming the victim. What I don’t get is why you’re asking the question. How will you be helped by any answer? What difference will it make?


I’m going to try and be careful here, because I don’t want anything I write to sound like I am on Moonve’s side. I read Thomason’s article, and it was a great read with lots of disturbing details. But…

Thomason’s essay implies that Moonves silenced new shows with female stars or strong female characters, but the reality doesn’t quite fit. Designing Women had been on the air for seven seasons, and it was not doing particularly well; it’s not surprising that it was cut, especially since the seven-year mark is when most stars get to renegotiate their salaries. Murphy Brown was on the air for six more years after Moonves arrived, probably two years longer than it should have.

Thomason also kind of neglects to mention that Moonves greenlit two more series of hers after he came on board - a Designing Women follow-on and a new series with John Ritter.

In the meantime, in his first few years at the helm, Moonves put up Cybill, The Nanny, Touched by an Angel, and continued Murder She Wrote. Not a “who’s who” of strong female characters, but still shows headlined by female actresses at a time when the competition was blowing his network away in the ratings with male-helmed shows like Home Improvement or Fraiser.

This is where I wish Thomason’s article would have focused more. I don’t doubt her when she says that Moonves disliked her and quashed her ideas, but did he do that to most/all other female writers?

No argument there.


It will provide me a better understanding of either the scenario or the problem at large. It was something I didn’t understand from the information presented in the article. For example, was Weinstein’s behavior in the original meeting something she routinely deals with and so wasn’t overly alarmed by it? If so, that is even more horrifying. Or was she coerced in some way that wasn’t described?

I mean, damn. The first meeting sounded bad enough, and he had already pulled the “there will be other people there” card, which seems to be a favorite of his.


It’s possible she was ok with some of the flirting and/or outright groping if she thought it would help advance her career. She obviously knew going in that he was prone to this sort of thing, or I don’t think she would’ve filmed it. And I’m sure she’s been harassed at other meetings with prospective clients as they know that she’s looking to make a sale. But you can be ok with all of that and still not assume that you’ll be raped if you join the prospective client for another meeting, even at his hotel.


What a disgusting world we live in. Christ.


Yeah, that was my conclusion. She was willing to put up with some groping and pig-like behavior, but did not expect to be raped.

Was that a wise decision? Doesn’t matter. People make unwise choice every single day. Weinstein deserves to die in prison.


Those are insightful points about CBS’s history, Tin_Wisdom. I don’t think Thomason addressing those details and complications in her takedown of Moonves would’ve taken away from her essay at all, and it would’ve been interesting to read her thoughts on why those shows were picked up and supported over others.


This is pretty tangential, but to those following l’Affaire Woody, Soon-Yi has spoken up.


That was a really good read. I never really knew much about the situation (I was pretty young when it all happened) but boy does Mia Farrow sound like a monster in this one. Adopting that many kids and not caring for them correctly.

That is a whole mess of things, but it is good to hear Soon-Yi talk about it herself.


She also comes across as Mommy Dearest in Moses Farrow’s accounting, but the Mia camp (including Dylan and Ronan) denies it all strenuously.

It’s one of the most colossal clusterfucks in Hollywood-family-clusterfuck history, I think.


I can’t imagine being one of 14 children, 10 of which were adopted as being a very good childhood, and discrepancies between different children’s accounts of their mother seem pretty likely.

IT seems like she definitely had favorites, and those who were not in that group did not have a very good time.



Good. Some justice is finally served. I hope Weinstein meets a similar fate.

Both the article and the news this morning mentioned that Cosby will serve his time at a special facility for the old and infirm. I wonder what that is like? I’m imagining more hospital then prison? I also wonder if his attorneys will then try to get him transferred to one of those low-security “club-fed” style prisons you sometimes hear about where non-violent white-collar wealthy folks serve out their time, though I gather that’s a uniquely Federal thing, so it may not be an option in this case.


Here’s an article about the prison he’s going to. Doesn’t look country club to me.


Seems like his sentence should involve the facility spiking his food, then raping him each night but I guess that would be uncivilized.