The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


Terry Crews remains awesome. Except that Crackdown 3 thing. Wtf is that?


What’s not to like? He gets to be the main character in a videogame where you blow tons of shit up. He got into gaming to connect with his kids, seems noble to me.


He grew up in Northern Ireland in the 50s and 60s. Even today, it’s a place that’s over 98% white. You can probably imagine the views on minorities back then.

All we can do is grow, and hopefully the right way.


Mostly I was just joking, but man, that ad is terrible. I mean, I’ll still play it (Game Pass ftw!), but the ad is cringe-inducing.


I’ll say again something I said somewhere else. Mark Wahlberg savagely beat and severely injured a man for reasons that I have never seen disputes were racist.

It would be appalling to me if Liam Neeson is punished for his honesty regarding this while no one bats an eye at Mark Wahlberg.


Absolutely racist, and he served time for that and has a felony record to go along with it. That’s also not his only violent incident.


I think that’s bullshit. He was just going to up and murder the first white guy he saw… does he really think that would be his first reaction? I doubt it. Sounds like he will need to struggle with this for a little longer.

It isn’t bullshit at all. Being ‘protestant’ or ‘catholic’ was enough to get you a beating simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time in many parts of Northern Ireland during the troubles. Most people who died or were seriously injured were guilty of nothing more than being a certain religion (or being in a place associated with a certain religion). That was the culture he grew up in, a culture that to some extent said all were guilty of an individual’s actions and justice was indiscriminate.


He’s not talking about beating. He’s talking about murder. He’s suggesting that if she’d been raped by a white man, all he would have done is look to the left and killed that guy. I don’t believe that. You can if you want, but there is no way he would have left her and killed literally the first guy he saw.


I’m pretty comfortable not trying to sealion a dude who grew up during the Troubles.


That’s not what I am doing, but okay. I’m not the one that asked the question, and he didn’t respond with yes he’d kill just any white man, he said he’d done the same thing if she said Irish and Brit and Lithuanian… for some reason he felt the need to break it down more than just any ole white man. His response itself made it already clear it would be different since he felt the need to break it down to more than just color. I’m sure you know that though since you watched the interview.


Outrage sells.

One of the first comments I saw about this was complaining about how his reaction was his toxic masculinity seeking to assert his dominance.


I believe it.

Had the rapist been a Catholic/Protestant (whichever Neeson isn’t) in that area at that time, then I can see him going out gunning for a Protestant/Catholic, or a Brit ( mainland) for that matter.


You understand that a black person can be protestant or catholic or a Brit… right?


You understand I am talking about Ireland, during the Troubles, right?

It’s a very specific time and place.

And you understand I am mixed race and a Brit?

And if I were in Ireland I’d still be damned careful what I said and to whom.


Yes. I understand.

This has nothing to do with what he is saying or anyone who backs up what he is saying.

In order for him to react the same as when she told him it was a black man, she would need to be able to say, he was a white man, AND THAT’S IT. If he asked for more, it’s not the same. If she gave more, like religion or nationality. It’s literally not the same.


We are hypothesising madly.

The man himself has admitted he is ashamed of it, and is viewing his past actions through his current lense.

I mean, this is what we should be asking from people in positions of influence.

Instead he’s going to get massively pilloried because he isn’t perfect and because he had a racist thought during a racist time in a racist location, in reaction to a friend getting raped.

Also, if a friend of mine got raped, i’d have a very similar, visceral reaction and would also go looking for revenge. Not nice to say but it’s true.

Difference is I wouldn’t go looking for any general person of that ethnic or whatever group, I’d go looking for the particular person in question.


This is due to his second interview, not his first.

I already stated I support what he did. I don’t feel the need to have to say it again. I wish he had considered his second interview on Good Morning America a bit longer.

I have no intention of contributing to any backlash against Neeson.

Since you’re looking for the right person, perhaps your initial reactions, should this happen, won’t haunt you in the same way as it has him.


My reaction was, Liam, WTF? Why are you saying this? This isn’t going to go over well.

I think he was trying to say, look, I’ve changed. I felt this way and I know it was wrong. He was being honest. I’m just surprised he felt a compulsion to talk about this.

So is his new movie about something like this?


Pretty much all his movies recent seem to be about correcting wrongs and then revenge, but not at random ass people, very specific bad people. I don’t know what his next one is though. I assume this was the first go around to really push the marketing for it, his first interview.


It sounds like you’re implying that he did this to help market his new movie.

It’s called Cold Pursuit and it’s about a vengeful snow plow driver.