The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


Like reveal his past history for marketing purposes, no that is not what I meant. I meant he was giving interviews for his newest movie when he revealed this. Most his action type movies have revenge in them. It’s a common theme, not just for him though, in action movies in general.


If race had nothing to do with it, then he would have just gone out looking to kill any man.


Yeah, that’s exactly what it was… a formulaic press junket interview. I admire the fact that he took a chance and went ‘off-script’ to talk about something meaningful.

I think it sheds some light on why he’s so good at acting like a man consumed by hatred and revenge. He’s been one before.


It’s very typical for stars to have a big personal “reveal” for interviews during their press junkets in order to make news. There’s only so much you can say about a movie and interviewers want exclusives.

But it’s not supposed to be like this. It’s possible his PR person said “if you can come up with a personal anecdote that relates to the theme of the movie, that would be great to bring up during the interview,” but that one was not a good one.


I didn’t watch the interview, but I skimmed that AV Club link I posted earlier… I got the impression that it was clear to everyone watching that he made a spur-of-the-moment decision and admitted it was delicate subject matter.


hopefully that guy would be smaller and weaker than you. I wonder, how comes that everybody thinks of being actually physically superior to “the enemy” … lots of testosterone going around here, pooh, it smells…


There’s a reason revenge fantasy is such a popular genre.


John Barnes here does such a great job summing up how this Liam Neeson outrage makes me feel. We don’t want to go down the road where we cast people away for merely admitting (regretfully) to having unsavory thoughts in the past.


Well nobody here is, casting him away.


Because we’re mostly reasonable and thoughtful people and don’t have any financial incentives to make a furor over this.


I’m not necessarily referring to people here, but it’s a good encapsulation of my feelings about this being such a controversy.


Mostly, but George Soros pays me money to remain calm in this kind of situation when it happens with those on the left. It’s a great deal!


Wait, is that in addition to the checks for helping form those caravans? I could maybe double-up on my SorosBucks!?


This guy gets it.

It’s not like someone dug up video of Neeson being a racist shithead and now he’s trying to downplay it or claim he’s a changed man. This was Neeson admitting without provocation that even he once had this experience where the desire for revenge for a horrible thing that happened to someone very close to him drove him to think terrible, racist and irrational thoughts and attempt to go out and act on them, and that while thankfully he didn’t get the chance, he recognizes even all these years later how horrible and wrong he was at that time, and that it’s shaped who he is as a person ever since.

That’s some pretty deep and relevant shit, and it took courage to admit it. Anyone labeling him a racist because of it is completely missing the whole point, and probably just looking to cash in on ratings or retweets.



Neeson asked me to be ‘really careful’ if I wanted to use the story. Then he made what was clearly a joke

See, that’s the problem, Liam Neeson is well known to be terrible at improv and humor.


Liam Neeson was racistly angry when he was young, nothing happened to anyone because of it, and he is now telling a story of how guilty he feels for having those emotions. Good on him. His detailing of his thoughts was very scary violent and racist, but they didn’t get acted upon. So while we can condemn his past thoughts, I don’t think we can condemn the man who never carried them out and seeks contrition for his past racist ideology.

I think it is important to have discussions like this. Liam Neeson isn’t the only person in the world to have done something like this, but having someone like him show the world that not acting on those thoughts is a better option, is a good thing. It certainly isn’t very safe or clean to talk about, it certainly made his publicist’s life hell for the next few months.

Gotta give the guy some credit for calling himself out on his own bullshit.

Also, that Life’s Too Short clip is so good, as was that show.


Is it possible this recent revelation of his during the press junket was to prevent people from thinking of this too much?


I agree with your last post. Now, is the difference between how Neeson handled that and how the two politicians in North Carolina handled the blackface reports the way the reports came out, or the way they failed to acknowledge them and apologize properly for their actions. What they did was almost 40 years ago, and as the incident with Neeson shows people do change, or at least say they change.

Shouldn’t they be given the same opportunity to show they are not racist now?


Well one important difference is that what Neeson did was mostly in his head. He never acted on this, while the people decided to wear blackface and did so.