The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


Something like this would be great:

2017 #metoo
2018 Robert Mueller
2019 Democratic Congress
2020 ?


I’d have preferred the take-a-knee-at-NFL-games movement, if only because it does a much better job of upsetting people I know.


I had predicted “Women” as Time’s Person of the Year, but #MeToo works better as it’s essentially still giving recognition to women with a focus for this specific movement and the good coming from it. I’m all in with that.

I’m hoping 2018 is the year we start shining bright lights everywhere, forcing all the cockroaches to scurry back under their dumpsters. Sexual Harassment, White Nationalism (and Racism in general), The New “Improved” GOP…time to start squashing bugs everywhere.




I still think Shadow President is a title you earn in a Disgaea game, not a genuine concern to a bewildering number of my countrymen…

Well, think, wish, etc


The drumbeat getting louder for Franken to resign right now.

In the last 15 minutes, at coordinated intervals, Senators Gillibrand, Hirono, McCaskill, Hassan, Murray, and now Harris have called on Franken to step down.

What’s missing? Any male members of the Senate Democratic delegation. Perhaps they’re deferring to the ladies. But it’s time for them to step up and join the chorus.

And Chuck Schumer needs to be part of it.


It seems like they’re stepping on the gas in the Roy Moore moment to highlight the contrast between the two parties.


Among the ladies in the Democratic delegation in the Senate we haven’t heard from is Amy Klobuchar, Franken’s colleague in Minnesota.

Have to think we’ll hear from her soon.


What’s funny is Minnesota will elect some heinous Republican to replace Franken, like someone who gives out Chick Tracts on Halloween and bombs abortion clinics, because that’s America today.


A Democratic governor will appoint a replacement if Franken steps down. The environment in Minnesota remains extremely favorable for a Democrat to win the ensuing special election.


The amount of disappointment I’ve felt with who is involved with this, the assailants and the victims, kind of surprise me. These women, they were my idols for so long before I select some a little less glitzy and more academic but… if these strong women couldn’t even get through the system it’s just so disheartening for the rest of us.


If you’re looking for the silver lining, I think one takeaway is that all these women have suffered in silence for so long because they didn’t think anyone would believe them, and even if they did nobody would have their back. I think the #metoo movement is showing that this isn’t the case, not anymore.


Yep. I don’t have time for any other perspective on it, really.


A guy I work with told me a story this morning about a friend of his from college. This friend was breaking into the film industry like 10 years ago and was invited to a meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio. Guy shows up at DiCaprio’s house, and Leo says “If you want to have a conversation, you have to blow me.” Apparently the guy did it, and they had their meeting, and it was good for his career.

I personally don’t believe this story, but it’s 2017 and this is the internet so I can just post this stuff without repercussion.


Maybe… but we’ve had conversations here before where there were claims made that the 25% rate was bogus and just angered men who didn’t want to take sexual harassment training at work or on college. Regular women, women who don’t get a mic in front of their face to talk to millions of people, what has changed for them. Not everyone is violated by someone famous.

Also, I really think it’s time to regulate HR in some way. Despite some claims, not every violation of a law is a trip to the local police department. They don’t take on labor laws.



I had never seen this or the original (Woman walks around NY) before. Are all cities like this or is there something up with NY? I’m not a woman so obviously I’m not exposed 24/7 but walking around on the streets of Toronto I’ve never seen anyone call out to a good looking woman walking down the street. Perhaps Torontonians are more reserved or maybe I’m just in the wrong parts of the city.


Tammy Baldwin joins the call for Franken to step down…

…and finally a male senator also steps in. Bob Casey calls for Franken’s resignation.

That’s 8.


Biggie. No reason to hold back now.


There was also yet another new allegation against Franken by a staffer with a Democratic congressman that in 2006, he forcibly tried to kiss her open-mouthed. When she finally got him off her, his response was that he was an entertainer; he was allowed.

Think that’s the precipitating straw that broke the camel’s back.