The fantastic four - footage....powers in action!

jo blo got the scoop on the first footage from the film. thank goodness that the human touch will actually have flames engulfing his entire body…none of this “flame only from fingertips” bullshit.

enjoy the clip. 35mb. 2 minutes.


Torch looks cool, Thing looks alright, didn’t get to see alot of Mr. and Mrs. Richards though.

If I heard right, Doom’s origin is a bit different from what I knew / remembered.

It isn’t there anymore, Fox made them take it down.

Should be available via bittorrent.

Awesome! That is quite possibly the fastest torrent I’ve ever seen.

The footage wasn’t bad either. The Doom mask looks somewhat cool.

hurmm. It looks like a made for TV movie.

raw footage from movies always looks crappy. The wonders of post-production!

yeah, there’s still hope that my dreams aren’t shattered…just yet.

i thought post production was when they did the special fx? I see flames engulfing the human torch and the thing in all his orange wonder (well, actually thing’s texture seemed about right, but his color was all wrong). How come it reminds me of watching daytime TV? What is it about the quality of those shots? I’m not so much complaining as just trying to put my finger on why it looks like it does.

They could be pre-visualization fx shots or fx tests as well.

They did throw in a lot of Armageddon footage in there, however.

Jessica Alba’s dyed blonde look is not sticking with me very well, though.

— Alan

Does anyone have a working link or torrent?