The First Law Graphic Novel

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Serialized…new every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Free.

Free, my favorite price! Would be nice if they had an RSS feed, makes a nice reminder of new stuff for the memory-impaired.

The RSS feed link is over to the left under the “Home” nav link.

Inspector Glotka doesn’t look anywhere near horrible enough. We get to see the teeth, but he’s repeatedly described as highly visually repellent due to the torture he’s survived.

Otherwise, it seems a decent enough adaptation so far.

Very nice!

I always pictured Logen as much burlier, and a bit older.

That’s on the main site, not the comic.

Oh, sorry. But there’s a (hidden) feed for that too.

Oh crap, awesome! Thanks for the link!

Yeah, that too. He’s described repeatedly as a really big man. Not the biggest man in the North, but still noticeably big. Logan here is almost slim.

Going for the Full Conan look would of course destroy the point of the books, and maybe that’s uppermost in their minds.

Perfect, thanks!

I dunno – one of the most compelling things about Glotka is that he sees himself as this repellant, horrible thing but those around him don’t tend to by physically repulsed unless he makes a point of showing them his teeth or something. The great thing about the character is that he can’t accept that anyone (e.g., West’s sister) might feel any affection for him whatsoever. Since almost all the chapters that Glotka appears in are from his own POV, we really only get his impression of himself.

That said, he does look less haggard and a lot younger than I would have expected.

Yeah, he looks like the lead singer for a boy band in the comic. But to be fair, the guy on the cover of paperback version of “The Blade Itself” (which I always took to be Ninefingers) isn’t TOO far off from the comic version.

Hah, I was sure Logan was a big, blond northman type (Not unlike me) - not this slim boyish figure. That said, I’m very interested since I love the stories!

I think Glokta’s age matches up well with what’s described in the book. He’s supposed to be a young, but haggard, war vet. A bit of a prodigy at the military academy, if memory serves. So he’d be young, just very, very scarred (mentally and physically).

I like what I’m seeing, and I like the business model. I don’t know yet if I’ll end up buying the comiXology versions, but I’ll think about it.

That sounds reasonable, except that I remember some people being surprised that he’s the same Glotka who won the Contest a few years back. That implies he looks awfully worn even without the teeth.

I believe he’s supposed to be mid-30’s, but looks 50ish to most people. He was a fresh young man in his 20’s when they captured him.

This is brilliant. I don’t know if this is just new to me, but the business model here is great and I hope it works for them. Basically they’re giving it away panel by panel slowly over the course time, or you can just buy the whole issue for 2.99 each month and read it without waiting. I bought the first one (for cheap, it’s only .99) just to say thanks for trying something interesting. It helps that I enjoyed the books of course. I also had imagined a much more haggard Glotka, but that’s how these things go. Glad I read the books first :)