The first step on the Road to Enlightenment

Title The first step on the Road to Enlightenment
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When August 7, 2012

I've only played Road to Enlightenment, the debut boardgame from Conquistador Games, once. So this isn't so much a review as it's the breathless enthusing of a kid who wants to get back in line to ride the rollercoaster again..

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From Conquistador games: "This product is temporarily unavailable". Aww....

I had the same reaction too.

I've never played one of these fancy board games before, and this seems as good a place to start as any. The historical setting seems perfect for convincing others to play, i.e. Dad may not care for elves, but everyone has an opinion on the Catholic Church.

It can be ordered here:

Awesome - definitely glad I followed your advice to get this during the Kickstarter. I'm hoping to get my first game in this weekend. My question to you now, Tom, is would you support a second Kickstarter by a group such as this who has delivered on their initial pitch? Or does "everyone get one"? Could the concept and promo video sway the decision? I'm curious because your original post on the subject showed some reticence towards KS.

Good God, I want to play this.

When's the iOS version coming out?

Glad you mentioned it, because I was put off by the "Pre-Order." Is the game coming to my FLGS, out of curiosity? Either way, IT WILL BE MINE.

I will say the board is very well laid out but it is not pretty. This is not a game you are buying for production value. That said the game is interesting and I too want to try it again. Even though we didn't see all the cards I dare say the game needs more cards or at least a way to cycle through them faster.

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