The Flash (CW)

Extended trailer out now. Looks like fun!


All over this.

Shocked that it looks a lot better than the Arrow.

The title of this thread should be “The FLASH trailer si out now!”. We are traditionally stuck with terrible subjects for shows airing 10+ years.

It looks far better than any show about The Flash deserves to be (go figure, from the creators of Arrow,) but I’m not entirely sold on it just yet. I’ll probably check it out, but I don’t know how long I’ll stick with this one. We’ll just have to see.

That is one good lookin’ trailer. I like it!

I hope they bring back Mark Hamill as the Trickster.

Definitely worth at least a half season tryout on the basis of that trailer alone. I’m in.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Mirror Master, I hope he’s in, and they do him as a Glaswegian bampot like Grant Morrison’s version.

That’s pretty Spiderman-y, right down to the “Woohoo!” power discovery moment. His indeterminate age doesn’t help in that regard.

Still, no Captain Boomerang, no sale.

They mention lots of other meta humans. I hope we get some sweet Flash fights. I also hope he has a sense of humor like Flash in the comics/Justice League show.

Premiered tonight. I thought it was good overall, but they really need to have a few words with the guy who comes up with the technobabble, and those words are, “Shape up or you’re fired.”

Couple more trailersshowing things to come. FX and CGI in this are really well done, the depiction of superpowers almost matches up to what you’d expect from a big budget film.

I liked this show a lot. They hit the ground running and first episode we get not one but two superpowered humans. The way they set up the accident explanation, they can throw as many villians as they can at him.

I loved the human touches too, like saving the cyclist who was hit by the car.

And, in the previews for the series, I saw, I think:

List of enemies in the series

Mirror master, Captain Cold, Multiple Man, and we already know Xoom is around, even in his classic yellow suit! Also, we saw Grodd’s gorilla cage busted open during the pilot.

IMDB’s series cast has a good number of the villains listed, too, if you’re in a spoilers kind of mood.

Tonally, it reminded me of the Raimi Spiderman flicks, which isn’t a bad thing. DC is frequently so dark and brooding it’s nice to see something more lighthearted.

I liked it, too. It was great to see John Wesley Ship as Allen Sr. I was a big fan of his Flash show back in the 80’s. And while the premier introduced a lot quickly, it did it well. The Raimi Spiderman comparison is a good one, as long as we leave the dreadful third film out of it.

My son and I, ardent Arrow fans, loved this show as well, and are excited for what the year brings with Flash and Arrow. We have (fwiw) skipped Gotham completely, I just don’t see the appeal?

Watch and you will.

Intriguing. Well, maybe we’ll do just that then!