The Founder - They got the Big Mac, I got the Big Mick

Michael Keaton plays Ray Kroc, the guy that swiped McDonald’s out from under the McDonald brothers.

Directed by John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side)

August 5th.

If it weren’t for his voice, Nick Offerman would be unrecognizable without his facial hair. I love seeing Keaton again. So glad he’s working more these days.

This looks great, and yeah the more Keaton movies the better.

Oh yes. YES. So glad Keaton is working more as well. He’s really one of my all-time favorite actors.

Does not compute…

What kind of Nick Offerman fan isn’t familiar with the Parks and Rec episode “Ron and Tammys”?

“Ron, your mustache fell off!”


Release date got moved again, probably because of Star Wars. :(

Now its January 20th 2017. According to IMDB.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe I’m crazy, but I’m seeing red Birdman-like wings sprouting out of Keaton’s back.

This hits REDBOX on April 18th, I will finally get to see it.

I watched this on Netflix over the past couple of days. I quite enjoyed it. I never imagined that the founders of McDonalds wouldn’t be the ones to grow it into a huge company. As a piece of entertainment, it was okay. It was well filmed, and I did enjoy the flavor of 1950s that it captured in the first half of the movie.

I think there’s a Qt3 podcast on this movie, I need to go listen to that now.

I could take or leave this movie, but I love the scene where he eats at McDonald’s the first time. Its so fast and convenient he’s literally confused.

I saw it twice and enjoyed it both times. Keaton was cast perfectly in this. That handshake agreement at the end, so brutal.

He is. He’s also the reason I went back to see this movie now. I had just come off of watching the new Spiderman movie, and loved Keaton so much in that, I needed more Keaton in my life, so I watched the Founder.

I also found it pretty unexpected that the movie wasn’t about the two founders of McDonalds, but were instead about Keaton’s character. He was a very sympathetic character. What was kind of mind-blowing was the part of the story where despite the huge success of all these restaurants, he wasn’t making any money. Until he finally lucked into the right strategy, and then he was making so much money that he could buy himself out of a contract he didn’t like.

Remind me not to go into business with you.

Well, at the start of the movie. It did change as circumstances changed.

He’s not wrong though. All the best villains are sympathetic.

Not Johnny Dangerously or Mr. Mom? C’mon now…

(I do still need to watch The Founder my own self.)

Which is one of the things I liked best - how he went from underdog to ruthless SOB.

Well he was told NO like a million times.