The Game Awards 2022

Open each in a tab…

Well, Twitch in one tab, Youtube in another. And of course the Steam version in Steam, since I can never remember my Steam password. Too complex, but it does mean I can never login to Steam in a browser unless I want to go through the whole reset password rigmarole.

My friends who never talk about Steam are linking the Deck giveaway. Good luck.

The cynic in me thinks they’ll give it to GoW so they can get the voice actors back on stage like when the first GoW won in 2018. It would make a better show than Elden Ring winning.

It’s starting now, right? I can’t find the stream…

EDIT: Am I early?

Or - and this is a crazy thought - the committee might not think Elden Ring is the best game of the year if it doesn’t win? :)

Daddy needs a 2nd deck!


Just so far:


Pre-show starting.

Who is this person. We want Geoff! Oh wait, he’s probably only hosting the main event.

Who is this woman and why is she wearing a raggedy torn up towel? Or maybe a piece of carpet.

Oh no. More Dead Cells content? I love that game but I wish they’d stop changing it.

I mean, sure. That’s at least 6 that didn’t pick it.

Elden Ring wouldn’t even make my top 50 list because I have zero interest in the genre. I guess I’d put it above Sex With Hitler for philosophical reasons.

i want my activision games on gamepass sony stop crying!

Mobile games treated like VFX at The Oscars.


I think she’s wearing a bathroom rug?

Okay this isn’t Olivia Munn, right? I assume she hasn’t done this in years.

Valiant Hearts 2?

OMG a sequel to The Great War by Ubisoft!