The Game Bar on Windows might actually see some use now

Title The Game Bar on Windows might actually see some use now
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When May 22, 2019

Let's take a moment for the Game Bar. It's that app you've probably never used in Windows 10. If you have an Xbox controller plugged into your PC, you may have accidentally seen it pop up when your thumb hit the logo button..

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Microsoft has mastered memes apparently. How many buttons do I need to click on to get the awesomest meme?

My ongoing goal with Windows 10 is to make it feel and look the least like Windows 10 it possibly can, and the most like Windows XP. This sort of change is exactly why. These aren’t features that I need or want from my operating system.

My great hope is that Microsoft doesn’t helpfully reenable the game bar for its update. It’s garbage and was responsible for programs I actually want to run not working properly.

Anyone know if the game recording is better than NVidia’s version?

Yeah I doubt it’s better than the no-performance-drop recording of GeForce Experience.

Where’s Litestep at these days?

The Xbox Game Bar is quite sad. It told me a single other person was LFG for GTA V for Windows. Not sure how it does that but it still was quite pathetic.