~The Game Pass Thread~

My Game Pass Ultimate is due to expire in about 6 weeks. If I decide to keep it, is the Xbox Gold/conversion trick still around, or should I just find and load up on the cheapest 3-month grey market passes I can find?

The Gold conversion trick still works!

Cool! So if I recall, I should let my subscription expire, then add gold to my MS account and then do the conversion. Is it still a buck (or 1 month cost) to convert the 3 years of Gold to 3 years of Game Pass or did they diminish the conversion rate?

It’s $1 only if you’ve never done it before. It sounds like you have done it before, so this time the conversion is $15. But yeah, get 3 years of gold, then spend the $15 to convert all 3 years.

Nice. $5 / month is about my fiscal comfort level for Gamepass.