The General Magic the Gathering Thread

Ok this one was definitely showing off Budde’s experience and skill. He handled things like a champ. Maybe the Phoenix deck isn’t the best matchup for Hero, but even so Budde made it look easy. The going down to 1 twice takes balls of steel, even if you know you’ve got those Elite Guardmages coming.

Well, the French player got some unfortunate draws and had some rather interesting choices of deck constructions. Finale of Promise should be an auto-include 4-of, and drawing one of those would’ve put him in a much better position to win that one.

Honestly, if you’re not gonna have a live audience, lose the spark fountains. It looks really weird.

Ugh. Nexus. It was played perfectly, but F that noise. Lee put us all out of our miseries when he conceded.

And yes, the firework fountains are so bizarre without anyone there cheering, too. I don’t understand why they don’t allow a live audience.

Wilderness Reclamation was the real mistake. Nexus without Rec isn’t nearly as scary.

As interesting as the story is for an Arena Mythic Qualifying Tournament winner to do so well, I hope Shahar destroys him handily tomorrow. Mono Red may be for jerks*, but at least it doesn’t feel degenerate like the Nexus / Wilderness Reclamation combo.

* Sometimes I play mono Red.

And I’m exactly the opposite. The real degenerate deck is mono-red. Sadly, I don’t think Simic Nexus has a chance. He’ll be dead before he can get set up.

(also, he’s the only Mythic invitee in the Top 4, so he’s the People’s representative instead of the other ringers).

Mono-red mulls to 5, keeps a 1-lander. GG.

Craptastic. If Leviato (sp?) wins the whole thing, it’ll be a flood of Nexus Rampo in the Bo3 ladder until rotation. Ugh.

Like we’re not already plagued with endless mono-red :-)

At least mono Red puts you out of your misery quickly!

Plus my preferred Gruul deck has a great win percentage against RDW.

Nexus is fairly quick too, if you properly concede to it once it goes off. The 1% chance of it fizzling probably isn’t worth your time unless, you know, you’re in the Top 8 or whatever.

Nexus gives Brad Nelson a pretty comprehensive beatdown. Leveratto is a machine. Pretty sure his heart rate never goes much above 60.

You’re right. And Brad knew it this last match.

Alright, Esper takes control over Nexus. Not sad at all.

Also, damn, Brad Nelson can play.

But can he win a second match? At this level of skill, it really seems to be all about who’s on the play, and the luck of the initial draws. Go Brad!

Welp, too bad it had to be a Simic Nexus deck, but it was a fairly epic group of matches.

Wizards is finally pushing the Brawl format a bit more with the next set.

I don’t collect paper Magic any more, but I’ve played Brawl a few times with friends’ decks and it’s a fun format. Particularly 4 or more multiplayer. Be interesting to see how it translates to Arena, too.

They are doing some fun stuff with booster packs going forward, too. Normal boosters are staying the same - but will going forward have a small chance to pull a “lottery card” that will be like a full art planeswalker from the set or a “showcase frame” for whatever unique mechanic each set brings.

There will also be Theme Boosters that have 35 or so cards, one or two of which will be a rare, and they’ll all be from whatever color the booster theme is (Red, Blue, etc.) for new players trying to build up a new deck, for example.

And lastly, Collector Boosters will run $20-25 but will have two mythic/rare cards at full or extended art, plus a foil token and the rest of the back can potentially be foil, extended art, showcase frames, and etc. as well. These sound like a lot of fun to open, but you’re paying for the alternate card styles - the cards are all the same no matter how different or pretty it looks, so these are aimed at a very specific segment of the market (which I somewhat fall into, admittedly).

Example of Full Art Planeswalker:


Example of Extended Art Frames:


Example (without text, no spoiling the upcoming set for October just yet) Showcase Frame:

I think it’s hard to believe anyone would be upset about these changes - draft booster packs are unchanged, except now you might pull a crazy full art card in them, and collector’s boosters are going to be great for the Magic economy and give collector’s something to throw money at while potentially driving the price downward on non-fancy versions of the same cards.

And honestly, between opening a Mythic Edition (with 8 full art planeswalkers) with my son, and popping open a Box Topper (an extended art card from Ultimate Masters) I was hungry for more, and would love to pay for two or maybe three Collector’s Boosters, assuming one can buy them individually. I think my only issue with this system is the potential danger of trying to buy a Collector’s Booster or two for fun, and finding the price is driven up to $40 per booster or something. It’s new, so we’ll have to see how it all shakes out.


Lots of interesting upcoming changes here for Magic tournament structure, including a promotion/relegation system for how to get into the pro league, with a second division to be promoted out of/relegated in to. At least it’s a step away from “we’ll pick who gets to be a pro around, thank you”.