The Gifted - Marvel mutants, Fox, Vampire Bill, Amy Acker



Just watched the trailer and this looks pretty fantastic. Doesn’t hurt that I think Amy Acker is a genius.


So Thunderbird was in X-Men 96 IIRC for one brief moment. Polaris I remember from somewhere. This is basically a version of New Mutants? Coming after X-Men disband? So after the events in Logan? It clearly seems to be somewhere in the X-Men timeline (well, one of them anyway) but it isn’t clear to me where.


Thunderbird was one of the “all-new” X-men introduced in the mid-1970s in Giant Sized X-men 1 (along with Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler - also when Wolverine and Banshee joined, although they had appeared previously in Marvel comics) and then Uncanny X-men 94, but only survived until issue the following issue, 95. In the 90s his brother was introduced, however, and he has identical powers and was around ever since, largely with the New Mutants/X-Force. He was also in the movie Days of Future Past.

Polaris has been around since the 1960s, in various X-men comics. Long-time girlfriend of Alex Summers, aka Havok. She’s got the usual convoluted history, with lots of terrible shifts (into insanity, into a daughter of Magneto/then not/then yes, etc.)

Blink was also in Days of Future Past and was a character introduced in Generation X in the mid-90s (Generation X was essentially a younger version of the New Mutants, after the New Mutant characters had aged into other roles in the core X-men or X-force). Blink was killed off in the comics immediately, but brought back in various alternate-reality stories.

Others are new. Looks like a modern Generation X/New Mutants, etc. Since there actually is a New Mutants movie in the works, this probably won’t use characters that overlap with that movie.

Other character


Baron von Strucker is one of the big bads of the Hydra wing of the Marvel universe. Sounds like the main kids here are his children.


His kids were in the x-men comics, as a villainous mutant brother/sister team called Fenris, but these seem to be new characters


That’s right. I remember them now.


New? trailer during football today. Leans hard on reviews. Hopefully this is awesome? Looks cool anyway.

I’ll find out in a year and a half when it hits Netflix, anyway.


I wasn’t planning to watch this—I wasn’t paying it any attention at all. Good or bad, the last thing I have room for is another superhero TV show.

But then I read that they snuck in the X-Men cartoon theme song as a ringtone and for some reason that was all it took to watch the first episode over lunch.

It’s pretty good! I think I like Fox’s approach of not bending over backward to explain exactly how things are connected, but also not being afraid to openly name drop the X-Men, the Brotherhood, etc. There are of course little dumb things—spider-sentinels?—but based on the first episode I’ll give this a shot and cautiously recommend checking it out for yourself if you’re on the fence.


I watched it last night with my daughter and we both thought it was a strong start. I’ll definitely keep watching.


Seems fairly decent, despite the immediate appearance of the “agent of The Man becomes renegade” overused trope. Deserving of space on the DVR record list.


Yep, wasn’t expecting much either & like Bob says, with Agent Dad having to deal with his daughter (& son in this case) having powers gives me a strong flashback to Heroes.

But yeah, seems like its worth keeping an eye on.

If I understand it correctly there are 3 new shows of this nature starting up?
Inhumans, Gifted and Runaways on Hulu, right?


I don’t know about Runaways but I wouldn’t put Inhumans near anything else I was interested in. I watched about 45 minutes of the premiere and had to go on a bender afterwards to forget what I just saw.


Yeah, I’ve only heard horrible things about Inhumans - not surprisingly given its showrunner. So gave that one a skip.


Watched with my daughter (14, not usually a big super hero show fan) last night and we both enjoyed it a lot. Tense action throughout, cool use of powers but not overwhelming just yet, good background plotline about the younger mutants forming an underground railroad of sorts to help one another escape the Sentinels, and both actors playing the parents (Acker and Stephen Moyer) are talented and did a nice job. The daughter was very convincing, the son less so and a bit annoying, but that may have been by design. There is a lot of promise here. I didn’t even mind the CW-style casting.

Will definitely continue watching.

I didn’t even know Inhumans had aired already. LOL. The trailers for that show looked so awful that I never even considered adding it to the DVR list.


Marcos looks a lot like Oscar Isaac. I can’t stop seeing it.

I thought this was solid. I don’t know why I was expecting CW-esque family drama, but I was pleased to see a more straightforward sci-fi action drama instead. The effects are pretty good – I liked the daughter’s force field effect in particular. Hoping it continues to hold up.

There’s this, Inhumans, Runaways, and I think Cloak and Dagger is also happening later this year. New Warriors is also coming up, but I think they’re still casting it.


Yeah, I thought the same thing.


I am trying to figure out if he is supposed to be Sunspot/Bobby Costas or not. Is he using an alias, just an obvious knock off or what.


A CBR article said he’s an original creation for the show. Which doesn’t technically preclude it being a fake-out for a reveal later I suppose, but that’s the story so far.


Yeah, everything I see says he’s not Sunspot, but they’re so similar it’s hard to see why they didn’t just use Sunspot. Maybe Fox is saving him for a future movie or something.