The Good Guys

Has anyone else caught any of this show? On a brother’s recommendation, I checked it out at Hulu and it was pretty good. It is a combination odd couple and cop drama, and it manages to take itself far less seriously than Burn Notice.

Essentially, you have two detectives who are also departmental pariahs. One is a young, smart, ambitious detective who has no sense of departmental politics. He corrected the grammar of his boss’s boss in front of his boss. The other is a veteran whose claim to fame was saving the governor’s son 25 years ago and is a combination of crazy, washed out, and street smart. As a result, the two are stuck together on “routine investigations,” the bottom rung of the departmental heirarchy. However, these routine investigations turn out into anything but.

The pilot had them investigating a stolen dehumidifier, only to stumble upon a a rogue drug courier with 4 million of his former boss’s money stuffed into a golf bag and a desire to get plastic surgery to look like Estrada.

It is really hard to describe in words how wacky the show is.

Yeah, I like the show a lot. You can see my impressions, and others’ in this thread.