The Good Place...


I dunno, I feel the opposite. They’ve had the rug pulled out so much that you’re rooting for them to make it to the end of this crazy journey happily. Which makes me MORE invested.


This was maybe the funniest episode of the season (excepting the “Jeremy Bearmy” bit last time). That said, I’m still feeling like they’re not giving themselves any time to explore the circumstances these characters are in before they rearrange the stakes again.


This guy gets it.

And Jason is the freaking best, that guy is amazing every time he opens his mouth. I’m pleased to see he’s also on this week’s podcast, and I’m really excited to dive into that one.


“Jason and I are trash.”

“Caw CAW.”

I died.


This show is a comedy so it’s okay to get resets. It’s like Silicon Valley. Comedy demands suspension of disbelief, just roll with it to get the joke.

Dramas have a higher bar of believability to clear. BSG failed IMO. It’s not the same to dick around when you’re doing serious/action stuff, that just makes me feel like I am wasting my time.


Oh god did it fail. So, so badly.


It failed pretty spectacularly with me as well, in the end. But I really enjoyed the journey nonetheless. Up until the end, I had a really good time. So I’m good with my philosophy.


I am just gonna let season 3 pile up on the DVR and binge it.

Please tell me Bad Janet makes a few cameos. :)


For the folks here who have a considerably larger amount of disposable income than I do, there is a charity auction for a visit to The Good Place set while they are filming season 4.

Oh, and Marc Evan Jackson will also take you out for lunch.


Last night’s episode was amazing and if it doesn’t result in an Emmy for D’Arcy Carden then nothing is right with the world.


Could not agree more. It was simply amazing how well she performed for each of the other four actors. Although she was good as all of them, she totally nailed Jason (so to speak).


My favorite was D’Arcy pretending to be Eleanor pretending to be Jason.


I thought it was one of the best episodes of the whole show. I was laughing throughout.


I thought “The Ballad of Donkey Doug” was my favourite episode this year. I was wrong.


She’s no Tatiana Maslany, but it was pretty great nonetheless.


This episode filled the hole in my heart left by Orphan Black. So well done!!


I love this show, but I hate that episodes are 20m long. I can’t watch a single one of those and be satisfied, so I’m watching them 3 or 4 at a time. The wait is killing me!

Is it possible the show will ever switch to more episodes per season or longer episodes?


Has that ever happened with any show before, it changes to a different length?

e: I also just remembered the creator (Mike Shur) wanted this to be a small 13 episode series when he pitched it to NBC. Going 20+ episodes is a lot of work, and dilutes the quality he believes (and I agree). I’d rather we had fewer episodes of a more tightly focused story. I actually don’t know of many shows that aren’t hurt by having so many episodes per season. I suppose it brings in more money to have more episodes though, for popular shows.


Yeah. This show is so fantastic partially because there are only 13 episodes a season. I’m not a fan of the long waits either, but it’s worth it for this quality a show.


According to the podcast, several key actors (Kristen Bell, for one) even have contracts that limit to a max of 16 episodes per season. For the aforementioned reasons: she has a family, and 20+ episode seasons are a never-ending slog. 13-16 seasons means they get some time off between shooting.