The History of CRPGs

Are they talking about the fractal generator stuff for the planet surfaces?

There’s more about the Elite universe generation here:

Here’s the source code for a text prototype of the proc gen model for Elite:

And then proc gen for Frontier: Elite 2

Thanks for the links, Clay! The CRPG Book brought back many happy memories.

Just noticed he mentions my mod in the key mods for Gothic section. I am so proud :)

Which of these was you Alistair?

The Trial was mine. I remember I leveraged the way NPC schedules were designed to change between chapters etc to let the PC assign tasks to buddies they could recruit. Then the quite nice AI handled everything else. So you rescued some bowmen and you could order them to ‘hold the bridge’ say, and they would troop off to the bridge and take up positions there as if scripted. It was a pretty powerful mod system but not trivial to use.