The hope for a patch lives on

I’m still playing the game, trying to finnish it for the first time. So I check the forums frome time to time for news about the rumored next patch.

ToEE wasn’t the most well recieved game in 03, but the forums are still filled with people who cling on to the hope of patch 2. I find that to be a sign of…

What what? I don’t understand the question.

I think it’s asking why people still hold out for a patch. Apparently, so much work went into making the longest poll options ever that there wasn’t enough space left to make it clear what the hell they’re for.

Now I’m usually a pretty level-headed person. I try to see both sides of the issue, and not lose my cool. However, this ToEE issue simply infuriates me like no other, except for being unemployed perhaps.

This game is buggy horsecrap, for the most part. Let’s make that clear first and foremost. If you think otherwise, then I’m sorry, but you are a detriment to the gaming community. An evil blight of fanboy mediocrity. Because of your wanton, uninformed spending habits, unscrupulous game companies continue to piss on consumer’s heads, call it ambrosia from the gods, and fucking get away with it.

I, too, was caught up in the hype of a turn based 3.5 D&D game to do the proper research, and I paid the price. I’m regretful that I squandered my money on this junk software, and I’m sorry for being part of the problem. I felt cheated and duped by Troika and Atari, but I also cheated myself and the greater good.

This game, although very promising even in its current state, is riddled with uninspired or broken quests (too many to list here), missing content (The Brothel, for one), poor design (the frequent lag and memory leaks, some of it due to inefficient pathfinding), and downright stupid gameplay decisions (Mercs looting so much they cannot move due to encumberence, skeletal gnolls with high damage resistance, or the galeb duhr fights that were a friggin NIGHTMARE). This game needed at least 6 more months of bug testing, gameplay balancing, and polish. It’s criminal that this aspiring game didn’t receive it. I dunno who deserves more of the blame, but Troika and Atari can kiss my money goodbye. The little I have anyways.

I will say this, I have a lot of respect for Mr. Steve Moret, the lead programmer for ToEE. He has taken his own free time to listen to the community, and create this patch for the game. I admire that kind of commitment to do what’s right, and to help the players of his game out. I realize that the patch delay is due to internal issues with Atari, and is no fault of his own. Even if the game he worked on turned out badly, I admire his character and honesty in handling the situation.

I’m through ranting…

I was trying to make my comments flow naturally into my poll, and try a, to me, new approach to how polls are presented.
An effort spent in vain, apparently…

To help you who don’t understand the poll as it is presented, please read the first post in this thread.
Then chose your vote in the poll at the top.
Then comment your vote if you like.

For an ultra buggy game, I somehow managed to finish the game twice. Once normally and again via super fast stealth. However it doesn’t change the fact the game is boring and the patch will never address that.

I’ve finished the game twice, thoroughly enjoying it both times, and definitely feeling like I got my money’s worth out of it.

I hate to say this, but I actually agree with Jon R. When I have to read down into the poll questions and or the first post of the thread just to figure out what you’re trying to ask, that’s a badly written poll.

The game is buggy, no doubt. Its the buggiest out of the box CRPG I have ever played, and that includes Daggerfall. There are so many bugs it blows the mind. Nobody with pull at Troika or Atari gave a shit about releasing a quality, working title. That is frustrating as a consumer. Very frustrating.

What is sad is that the game could have been so great had they been capable of managing their development resources better, and given the project more time from the get go. The tactical combat blows any other RPG combat out of the water, especially any other D&D RPG.

The patch situation though, what a joke. Yeah its cool that Steve Moret is putting in all this comp time trying to patch the game, but Troika and Atari dont give a shit.

Games like TToEE are horrible for the industry and especially the genre (TB PC-style RPGs) which already has one foot in the grave.


I experienced nary a single bug (other than some weird text scrambling in the magic weapon creation menus which went away when I restarted the game), but that was after applying the officical and Co8 patches.

I enjoyed the game for the most part but never finished it. I got sick of refighting the galeb duhrs with only 1 fighter in my group. The fight against the High Priest who summons his demi-god was well done and recruiting a Hill Giant as an NPC was pure genius, if entirely inappropriate from a role playing stance.

Oh crap. I finished the game twice without having to deal with anything worse than slow performance with shadows enabled. The first time was before they even released the first patch. I’ll go sit in the corner now. :oops:


I hate to say this, but I actually agree with Jon R. When I have to read down into the poll questions and or the first post of the thread just to figure out what you’re trying to ask, that’s a badly written poll.[/quote]

And I agree with you. But there was no way to preview how this would look.
And it is my first poll EVAR!1

Well the most of the bugs I encountered were items/rules/feats/spells bugs. But there were hundreds of them.

There were general performance problems too though, shit like the game’s performance going to hell if you had certain spells active, or in very large combats. Then in the temple level 4 and some of the elemental planes, the game would hang for really long periods of time occasionally, like 3 minutes.

There also was a really nasty bug with autosave enabled, it would occasionally crash during the autosave (when you changed maps) and this would corrupt your save. If you were playing Ironman, you were fucked.