The Innkeepers

Saw it this weekend at the local horror movie festival (Nevermore) and was disappointed. The setup was interesting - two doofus ghost-hunters working in an old hotel that’s about to close, and the off-kilter guests who complicated things - and there are some good moments. Lots of nice camera work using the architecture of the hotel for reveals, and, if it’s not quite the Overlook, the Yankee Pedlar still has some interesting creepiness to it. The amateur ghost-busting stuff is also nicely done, and the fragile affection between head ghostbuster Luke and wide-eyed true believer Claire (played by Sarah Paxton and looking alarmingly like Reese Witherspoon) is eminently believable. Kelly McGillis also does nice work in a decidedly unglamorous turn as a faded actress in town for a convention.
Unfortunately, certain members of the cast suffer attacks of Sudden Onset Too Stupid To Live Syndrome, which drags the back end of the film down past the point of sympathy. I wouldn’t say the film as a whole is bad, but I was hoping for a lot more.