The IntelliMouse is back for some true 1996 retro gaming

Title The IntelliMouse is back for some true 1996 retro gaming
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When May 29, 2019

Microsoft is relaunching the IntelliMouse as a gaming peripheral. When the first IntelliMouse appeared in 1996, PC users lauded its clean lines, ergonomics, and introduction of the scroll wheel. It quickly became the standard by which other mice were compared..

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Damn, I like my Razer, but I loved the Microsoft mouse back in the day. I might shell out for this.

The most important question I have about a mouse: does the mouse wheel offer a free spin mode?

So yeah, I bought it. I have a soft spot for MS hardware. Their Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 stick is my favorite ever (I own five), I love their Xbox one and 360 controllers, and I even own a Strategic Commander, which works swimmingly to this day.

I’m assuming this is a different Intellimouse than the one MS relaunched in 2017?

The mouse is basically a modernized version of the IntelliMouse 3.0 – except now in a sleek gunmetal and black look – with a similar shape and customizable buttons.

Uh, yeah, can’t you see the colours are different?

Yep, sorry, I didn’t have time to actually click the link and thus resorted to a gut reaction.

PixArt PAW3389PRO-MS

Flawless sensor. Nice.

I bought a bag of five of the original Intellimice for whatever reason on ebay years ago. I think I only ever used one of them.

Microsoft keyboards and mice have always been awesome.


replaced my ORIGINAL intellimouse last year with the ‘classic’ one…best mouse ever made…period…nothing feels better

Okay, I got the mouse today. Holy hell this is nice.

Just played some Amid Evil and Ion Maiden with the mouse, and holy hellfire this thing feels GREAT. This is coming off a Razer Basilisk, which I really liked, but wow this thing.

I dunno if this was the mouse I used to use but long ago I played R6: Raven Shield online with a pistol clan and 2 of us could click the mouse so fast, we’d constantly get banned from servers for having some double click mod or mouse…I offered to send them video of my single button clicking but they wouldnt’ have it so I ended up playing mostly in the 420 clan server and just “relaxed:”!!!

Is it the same dimensions as the old mice? All modern mice I’ve tried are too small for me. The nearest I’ve found is the Logitech G403, which I bought almost entirely based on the fact that it’s almost as large as the old Intellimice.

That looks like a cleaner, less yellowed version of the mouse I still use to this day.