The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

I see in that clip he is also claiming to have won many Telly Awards. It’s pretty easy to win one of those. You just pay them some money and tada, we have a winner!

As an actual Emmy winner (Xbox Live), I am insulted

Ya but you don’t have one of these


From a Geoff Keighley profile, a Tallarico item appeared -

“Victor Lucas, creator of Canadian gaming television show The Electric Playground , is the man Keighley credits with bringing him to the screen when he hired him as a host in 2002. Whereas Lucas says Keighley’s brash cohost Tommy Tallarico “wanted to be famous,” Keighley was more reserved.”

I hope he’s settling for being infamous.


If you haven’t been following the actual Amico project where Tommy and the ringleaders like Phil Adam who have thoroughly diarrheaed any legacy he had, provide meaningless updates in reverse from a what a real, non-scam project would detail, this is a hilarious eye opening recap.

They forgot to add Roblox because by Tommy’s logic, he “worked on it”

There continue to be repercussions at the end of 2022 for the Tallarico name now is associated with not paying your debts as a furniture rental company sues for over $100k for unpaid monies for setting up the front computers and furniture days before the crowdfunding monies from Fig came in

Seriously who does this? During a pandemic? To code mobile crap? This is like Elon genius.

Tommy Tallarico the genius who signed as a persona guarantor. That’s who.

It’s what happens when a mental 12-year-old, who needs to pretend he runs a Very Important Company, so he can beg for more investment money, puts too much stock in The Secret, at the expense of common sense.

Some may find it uncomfortable, unprofessional or juvenile of me to call Tommy Tallarico names. After all who among us has not had some measure of ambitious folly fill them?

But in the language of the the country of his forefathers, Tommy Tallarico is el stupido because he is a wasting money on 60 $700 chairs on a subsidiary of furniture giant Steelcase before any finished product exists.

CFO Nick Richards likely told him they should use or lose the investment money, and that they needed to convey the appearance of success in order to attract some investors.

While I’m reading minds: the pandemic had gone on for a year so they figured it would be over and they would be able to get to work, and good things would happen once they all got into the office together again.

The bad decisions and doubling down compounded on one another until they were too deep to pull out or admit defeat. We saw that tendency in TT early on and he acted as if he was being brave rather than foolish.

If you’re feeling down and low

It sounds like he’s talking to 4 year olds.

That’s how he rolls, he can only approximate normal human emotions. In this video he talks about the (never shown, certainly never released) Harlem Globetrotters game they were supposedly developing. “If you ever went to see the Harlem Globetrotters, chances are you went with a family member,” he spews.

(a copy of the video is here in case that goes away)


Death in the family renders thieves impervious to criticism!

Reminder: Phil promised an update last at end of August. These scammers are keep kicking that can down the road.

tests of final hardware have gone well. okay. how about tests of final software. how about tests of final backend

you said you entered formal production in 2021.

what the fuck are you talking about production solution

you said you were in fucking production 13 months ago???

since then you’ve laid off all staff and closed offices

The fact that a single person can’t find the time to write a status update for investors is a pretty sure sign that they’ve got nothing good to announce.

If he’s trying to run out the clock on investment fraud, that’s got a statute of limitations of 6 years.

Nothing good can come from continuing this farce. Why keep it going?

Phil Adan’s leadership is coming across as very senile and incontinent.